Porous Polymers

Michael S. Silverstein, Neil R. Cameron, Marc A. Hillmyer, "Porous Polymers"
English | 2011 | ISBN: 0470390840 | 472 pages | PDF | 40,3 MB
An in-depth look at the synthesis, characterization, and application of porous polymers
Recent years have seen a great deal of innovation in the field of porous polymers, including the development of new materials, new characterization techniques, and a myriad of new applications. The time is ripe for a comprehensive book on the subject.

Porous Polymers responds to the gap in the field, combining all aspects of the science and technology in a single, cohesive volume. Bringing together expert contributions from diverse backgrounds, the book is organized into three key areas: synthesis, characterization, and applications. With topics ranging from scientific fundamentals, to the current state of the art, to emerging trends in porous polymer research, this book:

Discusses the different chemistries involved in the synthesis of porous materials

Examines the fundamentally different approaches to characterizing porous polymers

Describes applications in microelectronics, biomedical devices, membrane processes, and catalysis

Features self-contained chapters for easy reference to specific topics

Explains the basic scientific and engineering principles underlying each chapter

Includes nearly 250 figures to help compare and contrast different porous polymer systems

A must-have for scientists in polymer physics, polymer chemistry, polymer processing, and polymer characterization, Porous Polymers is also a highly useful reference for chemical, materials, and biomedical engineers.

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