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Emergence of Life on Earth: A Historical and Scientific Overview

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Emergence of Life on Earth: A Historical and Scientific Overview
Language: English | EPUB / MOBI | ISBN-10: 0813527406 | ASIN: B00G1H3QG6 | 2000 | 344 pages | 6 MB / 10 MB
"How did life emerge on Earth? Is there life on other worlds? These questions, until recently confined to the pages of speculative essays and tabloid headlines, are now the subject of legitimate scientific research. This book presents a unique perspective–a combined historical, scientific, and philosophical anaylsis, which does justice to the complex nature of the subject. The book's first part offers an overview of the main ideas on the origin of life as they developed from antiquity until the twentieth century. The second, more detailed part of the book examines contemporary theories and major debates within the origin-of-life scientific community."

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Securing Biometrics Applications

Charles A. Shoniregun, Stephen Crosier “Securing Biometrics Applications"
English | 2007-12-05 | ISBN: 0387699325 | PDF | 190 pages | 9,9 Mb
Biometrics is becoming increasingly common in establishments that require high security such as state security and financial sectors. The increased threat to national security by terrorists has led to the explosive popularity of biometrics.

A number of biometric devices are now available to capture biometric measurements such as fingerprints, palm, retinal scans, keystroke, voice recognition and facial scanning. However, the accuracy of these measurements varies, which has a direct relevance on the levels of security they offer. With the need to combat the problems related to identify theft and other security issues, society will have to compromise between security and personal freedoms.

Securing Biometrics Applications investigates and identifies key impacts of biometric security applications, while discovering opportunities and challenges presented by the biometric technologies available.

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