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Long-Life Surfaces for Busy Roads

FREEDownload : Long-Life Surfaces for Busy Roads

Long-Life Surfaces for Busy Roads by european conference of ministers of transport
English | 2008 | ISBN: 9282101584 | 186 Pages | PDF | 9 MB
Table of Content : Foreword Acknowledgements Abstract Key Messages Executive Summary 1. Background Report 2. Key Findings of Phase I Study 3. Mandate, Scope, and Organisation of the Work

Long-Life Surfaces for Busy Roads
4. Epoxy Asphalt: Testing and Test Results 5. High Performance Cementitious Material: Testing and Test Results 6. Performance Assessment and Extrapolation of Results 7. Future Research and testing 8. Construction issues, Economic Aspects and Risk Assessment 9. Phase III Trials 10. Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations Appendix A -A1. Laboratory and Field Performance Histories of United States and New Zealand Reference Materials -A2. Manufacturers' Recommendations for Acid-Cured Epoxy Asphalts -A3. Methods for Evaluating Curing Characteristics -A4. Binder Rheological Properties at Difference Ageing Conditions -A5. Mixture Properties Appendix B. General Long-Term Needs in Pavement Research Appendix C. Laboratory Test Reports Published on the Joint Transport Research Centre Website Annex A. List of Abbreviations Annex B. List of Working Group Members
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“Heaven and Earth in Anglo-Saxon England: Theology and Society in an Age of Faith” by Helen Foxhall Forbes

"Heaven and Earth in Anglo-Saxon England: Theology and Society in an Age of Faith" by Helen Foxhall Forbes
Studies in Early Medieval Britain
Ashgate Publishing | 2013 | ISBN: 1409423719 9781409423713 9781409423720 9781409474371 | 411 pages | PDF | 6 MB
This book is profoundly historical, but draws deeply on theology, as well as literary studies, archaeology, art history, and topographical and place-name research.

This this book is the first full-length study investigating how it permeated and underpinned society. For whilst the influence of the Church as an institution is widely acknowledged, its abstract theological speculation is still generally considered to be the preserve of a small educated elite.
Using a series of case-studies, this book shows how theology interacted with and was shaped by the secular world, while also exploring the ways in which lay individuals – although isolated for the most part from the intricacies of theological discussion – nevertheless were evidently influenced by these and responded to them in their own lives and actions.

List of Figures and Tables
1 I Believe in One God
2 Creator of All Things, Visible and Invisible
3 And He Will Come Again to Judge the Living and the Dead
4 The Communion of Saints and the Forgiveness of Sins
5 The Resurrection of the Body and the Life Everlasting
General Index
Index of Manuscripts
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