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Multiphase Flow Dynamics 1: Fundamentals (4th edition) [Repost]

Nikolay Ivanov Kolev – Multiphase Flow Dynamics 1: Fundamentals (4th edition)
Published: 2011-09-25 | ISBN: 3642206042 | PDF | 824 pages | 9 MB

Multi-phase flows are part of our natural environment such as tornadoes, typhoons, air and water pollution and volcanic activities as well as part of industrial technology such as power plants, combustion engines, propulsion systems, or chemical and biological industry. The industrial use of multi-phase systems requires analytical and numerical strategies for predicting their behavior. In its fourth extended edition the successful monograph package “Multiphase Flow Dynmics” contains theory, methods and practical experience for describing complex transient multi-phase processes in arbitrary geometrical configurations, providing a systematic presentation of the theory and practice of numerical multi-phase fluid dynamics.
In the present first volume the local volume and time averaging is used to derive a complete set of conservation equations for three fluids each of them having multi components as constituents. Large parts of the book are devoted on the design of successful numerical methods for solving the obtained system of partial differential equations. Finally the analysis is repeated for boundary fitted curvilinear coordinate systems designing methods applicable for interconnected multi-blocks. This fourth edition includes various updates, extensions, improvements and corrections.

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Space-Time Processing for MIMO Communications

Alex Gershman, Nikos Sidiropoulos, "Space-Time Processing for MIMO Communications"
English | 2005-05-27 | ISBN: 0470010029 | 390 pages | PDF | 5.6 mb
Driven by the desire to boost the quality of service of wireless systems closer to that afforded by wireline systems, space-time processing for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless communications research has drawn remarkable interest in recent years. Exciting theoretical advances have been complemented by rapid transition of research results to industry products and services, thus creating a vibrant new area.

Space-time processing is a broad area, owing in part to the underlying convergence of information theory, communications and signal processing research that brought it to fruition. This book presents a balanced and timely introduction to space-time processing for MIMO communications, including highlights of emerging trends, such as spatial multiplexing and joint transceiver optimization.

– Includes detailed coverage of wireless channel sounding, modelling, characterization and model validation.
– Provides state-of-the-art research results on space-time coding, including comprehensive tutorial coverage of orthogonal space-time block codes.
– Discusses important recent developments in spatial multiplexing, transmit beam-forming, pre-coding and joint transceiver design for the multi-user MIMO downlink using full or partial CSI.
– Illustrates all theory with numerous examples gleaned from cutting-edge research from around the globe.

This valuable resource will appeal to engineers, developers and consultants involved in the design and implementation of space-time processing for MIMO communications. Its accessible format, amply illustrated with real world case studies, contains relevant, detailed advice for postgraduate students and researchers specializing in this field.

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