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Educational Philosophy in the French Enlightenment

FREEDownload : Educational Philosophy in the French Enlightenment

Natasha Gill, "Educational Philosophy in the French Enlightenment"
English | 2010 | ISBN-10: 0754662896 | 304 pages | PDF | 4 MB

Educational Philosophy in the French Enlightenment
Though Emile is still considered the central pedagogical text of the French Enlightenment, a myriad of lesser-known thinkers paved the way for Rousseau's masterpiece. Natasha Gill traces the arc of these thinkers as they sought to reveal the correlation between early childhood experiences and the success or failure of social and political relations, and set the terms for the modern debate about the influence of nature and nurture in individual growth and collective life. Gill offers a comprehensive analysis of the rich cross-fertilization between educational and philosophical thought in the French Enlightenment. She begins by showing how in Some Thoughts Concerning Education John Locke set the stage for the French debate by transposing key themes from his philosophy into an educational context. Her treatment of the abbe Claude Fleury, the rector of the University of Paris Charles Rollin, and Swiss educator Jean-Pierre de Crousaz illustrates the extent to which early Enlightenment theorists reevaluated childhood and learning methods on the basis of sensationist psychology. Etienne-Gabriel Morelly, usually studied as a marginal thinker in the history of utopian thought, is here revealed as the most important precursor to Rousseau, and the first theorist to claim education as the vehicle through which individual liberation, social harmony and political unity could be achieved. Gill concludes with an analysis of the educational-philosophical dispute between Helvetius and Rousseau, and traces the influence of pedagogical theory on the political debate surrounding the expulsion of the Jesuits in 1762.


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Inteliquest World’s 100 Greatest People

FREEDownload : Inteliquest World’s 100 Greatest People

Inteliquest World's 100 Greatest People
English | MP3 | Audiobook Collection | All in One | 2.82 GB

Inteliquest World’s 100 Greatest People

WGP 001 Socrates.mp3
WGP 002 Plato.mp3
WGP 003 Aristotle.mp3
WGP 004 Francis Bacon.mp3
WGP 005 Rene Descartes.mp3
WGP 006 John Locke.mp3
WGP 007 Voltaire.mp3
WGP 008 Jean Jacques Rousseau.mp3
WGP 009 Adam Smith.mp3
WGP 010 Immanuel Kant.mp3
WGP 011 Karl Marx.mp3
WGP 012 Friedrich Nietzsche.mp3
WGP 013 Marco Polo.mp3
WGP 014 Christopher Columbus.mp3
WGP 015 Vasco Da Gama.mp3
WGP 016 Ferdninand Magellan.mp3
WGP 017 James Cook.mp3
WGP 018 Roald Amundsen.mp3
WGP 019 Archimedes.mp3
WGP 020 Johann Gutenberg.mp3
WGP 021 Eli Whitney.mp3
WGP 022 Thomas Edison.mp3
WGP 023 Alexander Graham Bell.mp3
WGP 024 Henry Ford.mp3
WGP 025 Orville and Wilbur Wright.mp3
WGP 026 Guglielmo Marconi.mp3
WGP 027 Galen.mp3
WGP 028 Nicolaus Copernicus.mp3
WGP 029 Galileo.mp3
WGP 030 Isaac Newton.mp3
WGP 031Charles Darwin.mp3
WGP 032 Louis Pasteur.mp3
WGP 033 Gregor Mendel.mp3
WGP 034 Joseph Lister.mp3
WGP 035 Sigmund Freud.mp3
WGP 036 Marie Curie.mp3
WGP 037 Albert Einstein.mp3
WGP 038 Alexander Fleming.mp3
WGP 039 Jonas Salk.mp3
WGP 040 Sophocles.mp3
WGP 041 Virgil.mp3
WGP 042 Dante Alighieri.mp3
WGP 043 Geoffrey Chaucer.mp3
WGP 044 William Shakespeare.mp3
WGP 045 John Milton.mp3
WGP 046 Charles Dickens.mp3
WGP 047 George Eliot.mp3
WGP 048 Leo Tolstoy.mp3
WGP 049 Emily Dickinson.mp3
WGP 050 Mark Twain.mp3
WGP 051 Leonardo Da Vinci.mp3
WGP 052 Raphael.mp3
WGP 053 Michelangelo.mp3
WGP 054 Rembrandt.mp3
WGP 055 Claude Monet.mp3
WGP 056 Vincent Van Gogh.mp3
WGP 057 Pablo Picasso.mp3
WGP 058 Johann Sebastian Bach.mp3
WGP 059 George Frideric Handel.mp3
WGP 060 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.mp3
WGP 061 Ludwig Van Beethoven.mp3
WGP 062 Frederic Chopin.mp3
WGP 063 Richard Wagner.mp3
WGP 064 Johannes Brahms.mp3
WGP 065 Peter Tchaikovsky.mp3
WGP 066 Claude Debussy.mp3
WGP 067 Abraham.mp3
WGP 068 Moses.mp3
WGP 069 Lao-Tzu.mp3
WGP 070 Buddah.mp3
WGP 071 Confucius.mp3
WGP 072 Jesus Christ.mp3
WGP 073 The Apostle Paul.mp3
WGP 074 Saint Augustine.mp3
WGP 075 Muhammad.mp3
WGP 076 Thomas Aquinas.mp3
WGP 077 Martin Luther.mp3
WGP 078 John Calvin.mp3
WGP 079 Joseph Smith.mp3
WGP 080 Constantine the Great.mp3
WGP 081 Charlemagne.mp3
WGP 082 Queen Elizabeth I.mp3
WGP 083 Oliver Cromwell.mp3
WGP 084 Benjamin Franklin.mp3
WGP 085 Catherine the Great.mp3
WGP 086 George Washington.mp3
WGP 087 Thomas Jefferson.mp3
WGP 088 Abraham Lincoln.mp3
WGP 089 Susan B Anthony.mp3
WGP 090 Mahatma Ghandi.mp3
WGP 091 Winston Churchill.mp3
WGP 092 Franklin D Roosevelt.mp3
WGP 093 Martin Luther King.mp3
WGP 094 Alexander the Great.mp3
WGP 095 Julius Ceasar.mp3
WGP 096 William the Conquerer.mp3
WGP 097 Genghis Khan.mp3
WGP 098 Napolean Bonapart.mp3
WGP 099 Robert E Lee.mp3
WGP 100 Dwight D Eisenhower.mp3

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Cadillac Gage V-100 Commando 1960-71 (New Vanguard 52)

Richard Lathrop, Jim Laurier – Cadillac Gage V-100 Commando 1960-71
Osprey Publishing | 2002 | ISBN: 1841764159 | English | 51 pages | PDF | 13.11 MB
New Vanguard 52
Destined to become one of the most influential postwar armored cars, the V-100 Commando was developed by the Cadillac Gage Company in 1962 as a private venture, and the first prototype was completed in the same year. It was designed as a multi-purpose vehicle and could function as an 11-man personnel carrier, reconnaissance vehicle, convoy escort, command or patrol car and a riot vehicle. The V-100 was tested and evaluated in Vietnam before full-scale production began in 1964. It saw widespread use in Vietnam by both US and South Vietnamese forces. This title describes the design, development and operational use of the V-100 Commando, including their continued deployment around the world.

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Graph Theory in Paris (Trends in Mathematics)

Graph Theory in Paris (Trends in Mathematics) by Adrian Bondy, Jean Fonlupt, Jean-Luc Fouquet and Jean-Claude Fournier
English | Published: 2006-11-22 | ISBN: 3764372281 | PDF | 395 pages | 4,9 MB
In July 2004, a conference on graph theory was held in Paris in memory of Claude Berge, one of the pioneers of the field. The event brought together many prominent specialists on topics, such as perfect graphs and matching theory, upon which Claude Berge's work has had a major impact. This volume includes contributions to these and other topics from many of the participants.

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