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“Advanced Fluid Dynamics” ed. by Hyoung Woo Oh

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"Advanced Fluid Dynamics" ed. by Hyoung Woo Oh
InTeOpP | 2012 | ISBN: 9535102702 9789535102700 | 281 pages | PDF | 18 MB
This book is intended to serve as a reference text for presenting a broad range of topics on fluid dynamics to advanced scientists and researchers.
The chapters have been contributed by the prominent specialists in the field of fluid dynamics cover experimental and numerical fluid dynamics, aeroacoustics, multiphase flow analysis, convective instability, combustion, and turbulence modeling.

“Advanced Fluid Dynamics” ed. by Hyoung Woo Oh
1. An Experimental and Computational Study of the Fluid Dynamics of Dense Cooling Air-Mists
2. Direct Numerical Simulations of Compressible Vortex Flow Problems
3. Fluid Dynamics of Gas – Solid Fluidized Beds
4. Fuel Jet in Cross Flow – Experimental Study of Spray Characteristics
5. Influence of Horizontal Temperature Gradients on Convective Instabilities with Geophysical Interest
6. Internal Flows Driven by Wall-Normal Injection
7. Modelling of Turbulent Premixed and Partially Premixed Combustion
8. Multiscale Window Interaction and Localized Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Stability Analysis
9. Stability Investigation of Combustion Chambers with LES
10. Turbulent Boundary Layer Models: Theory and Applications
11. Unitary Qubit Lattice Gas Representation of 2D and 3D Quantum Turbulence
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“Cavitation and Inhomogeneities in Underwater Acoustics” ed. by Werner Lauterborn

"Cavitation and Inhomogeneities in Underwater Acoustics" ed. by Werner Lauterborn
Proceedings of the First International Conference. Springer Series in Electrophysics 4
Springer | 1980 | ISBN: 0387099395 3642510728 364251071X 9783642510724 9783642510700 | 325 pages | PDF | 9 MB
This book brings together a wide variety of topics: Cavitation, Sound Waves and Bubbles, Bubble Spectrometry, Particle Detection and Inhomogeneities in Ocean Acoustics.

Part I: Cavitation
Cavitation and Coherent Optics
On the Dynamics of Non-Spherical Bubbles
Oscillation and Collapse of a Cavitation Bubble in the Vicinity of a Two-Liquid Interface
Experimental Investigation of Bubble Collapse at Laser-Induced Breakdown in Liquids
Application of High Speed Holocinematographical Methods in Cavitation Research
Bubble Collapse Studies at a Million Frames per Second
Holographic Generation of Multi-Bubble Systems
The Dynamics and Acoustic Emission of Bubbles Driven by a Sound Field
Free and Forced Oscillations of Spherical Gas Bubbles and Their Translational Motion in a Compressible Fluid
Acoustic Cavitation and Bubble Dynamics Due to a Tension Wave
Some New Results on Cavitation Threshold Prediction and Bubble Dynamics
Acoustic Cavitation Thresholds in Water
The Influence of Modest Overpressures on the Persistence of Air Bubbles in Water
On the Collapse of Cavity Clusters in Flow Cavitation
Effect of Polarization on Electric Pulses Produced by Cavitation Bubbles
Cavitation Effects at Megahertz Frequencies
Nonlinear Sound-Scattering by Small Bubbles
Dynamics of a Cylindrical Cavity in a Boundless Compressible Liquid
Part II Sound Waves and Bubbles
Sound and Shock Waves in Bubbly Liquids
On the Amplification of Modulated Acoustic Waves in Gas-Liquid Mixtures
Self-Induced Transparency and Frequency Conversion Effects for Acoustic Waves in Water Containing Gas Bubbles
Pressure Waves in a Liquid with Gas or Vapour Bubbles
Dynamics of a Liquid with Gas Bubbles During Interaction with Short Large-Amplitude Pulses
Shock Wave Transformation in Bubbly Liquids
Relaxation Effects in the Propagation of Underwater Shock Waves
Part III Bubble Spectrometry
Acoustical Bubble Spectrometry at Sea
Acoustical Scattering from Near-Surface Bubble Layers
Density of Air-Bubbles Below the Sea Surface, Theory and Experiments
Acoustic Measurements of the Gas Bubble Spectrum in Water
Determination of Bubble Size Spectra by Digital Processing of Holograms
Determination of Bubble Sizes by Far Field Diffraction of Photographic Recordings
Complementing Discussion Contribution to the Papers of H. Medwin
Part IV Particle Detection
Acoustical Detection of Astrophysical Neutrinos in the Ocean
Part V Inhomogeneities in Ocean Acoustics
Inhomogeneities in Underwater Acoustics
Sound Propagation in an Inhomogeneous Ocean
Acoustic Fluctuations in the Ocean
Mesoscale Inhomogeneities and Turbulence in Ocean Acoustics
On the Influence of Stochastic Sound Speed Variations on Acoustic
Transmission Loss in Shallow Water
The Inverse Backscattering Problem – a Different Approach
Index of Contributors
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