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Control Strategies for Dynamic Systems: Design and Implementation

FREEDownload : Control Strategies for Dynamic Systems: Design and Implementation

John H. Lumkes Jr., "Control Strategies for Dynamic Systems: Design and Implementation"
2001 | pages: 604 | ISBN: 0824706617 | PDF | 31,9 mb

Control Strategies for Dynamic Systems: Design and Implementation
Presenting a unified modeling approach to demonstrate the common components inherent in all physical systems, Control Strategies for Dynamic Systems comprehensively covers the theory, design, and implementation of analog, digital, and advanced control systems for electronic, aeronautical, automotive, and industrial applications. Detailing advanced tools and strategies used to analyze controller performance, the book summarizes hardware and software utilization; frequency response and root locus methods; the evaluation of PID, phase-lag, and phase-lead controllers; and the effect of disturbances and command inputs on steady-state errors. It also includes numerous case studies and MATLAB® examples.
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Programmable Logic Controllers: Programming Methods and Applications

FREEDownload : Programmable Logic Controllers: Programming Methods and Applications

Programmable Logic Controllers: Programming Methods and Applications by Frederick D. Hackworth Jr.
English | Apr 21, 2003 | ISBN: 0130607185 | 320 Pages | PDF | 6 MB
This book is designed to help readers develop a good general working knowledge of programmable controllers with concentration on relay ladder logic techniques and how PLC is connected to external components in an operating control system.

Programmable Logic Controllers: Programming Methods and Applications
The book uses real world programming problems that readers can solve on any available programmable controller or PLC simulator. Later chapters relate to more advanced subjects in machine controls making this a welcome addition to a personal technical reference library. KEY TOPCIS: The authors examine ladder diagram fundamentals, the programmable logic controller, fundamental PLC programming, advanced programming techniques, mnemonic programming code, wiring techniques, analog I/O, discrete position sensors, encoders, transducers, and advanced sensors, closed loop and PID control, motor controls, and system integrity and safety. For those involved in Electrical, Automation, Control, and Process Engineering.
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Embedded Design eBooks Collection

FREEDownload : Embedded Design eBooks Collection

Embedded Design eBooks Collection
English | Size: 329.96 MB
Category: e-Books
ASIC and FPGA Verification – A Guide To Component Modeling
Analog Interfacing to Embedded Microprocessors
Digital Design with CPLD Applications & VHDL
Digital Logic Testing & Simulation

Embedded Design eBooks Collection
Embedded Controller Hardware Design
Embedded FreeBSD Cookbook
Embedded System Design Using 8051 Microcontrollers
Engineering Digital Design
PCI Express System Architecture
PIC Microcontroller Project Book
Programmable Controllers – An Engineers Guide
Programming And Customizing The AVR Microcontroller
STAMP 2 Communications And Control Projects
Serial Port Complete – Programming and Circuits for RS-232 and RS-485 Links and Networks
Smart Card Handbook
StampWorks Manual Version 1.2
The Art of Designing Embedded Systems
The Design Warriors Guide to FPGAs
The Quintessential PIC Microcontroller
The Robot Builder's Bonanza
USB Complete – Source Code
USB Complete
USB Design by Example – A Practical Guide to Building IO Devices
VHDL – Coding Styles and Methodologies
VHDL Programming by Example
VLSI Handbook
Verilog HDL – A Guide to Digital Design and Synthesis

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Optimal Control, 2nd edition

FREEDownload : Optimal Control, 2nd edition

Optimal Control, 2nd edition By Frank L. Lewis, Vassilis L. Syrmos
1995 | 560 Pages | ISBN: 0471033782 | PDF | 14 MB

Optimal Control, 2nd edition
This new, updated edition of Optimal Control reflects major changes that have occurred in the field in recent years and presents, in a clear and direct way, the fundamentals of optimal control theory. It covers the major topics involving measurement, principles of optimality, dynamic programming, variational methods, Kalman filtering, and other solution techniques. To give the reader a sense of the problems that can arise in a hands-on project, the authors have included new material on optimal output feedback control, a technique used in the aerospace industry. Also included are two new chapters on robust control to provide background in this rapidly growing area of interest. Relations to classical control theory are emphasized throughout the text, and a root-locus approach to steady-state controller design is included. A chapter on optimal control of polynomial systems is designed to give the reader sufficient background for further study in the field of adaptive control.

The authors demonstrate through numerous examples that computer simulations of optimal controllers are easy to implement and help give the reader an intuitive feel for the equations. To help build the reader's confidence in understanding the theory and its practical applications, the authors have provided many opportunities throughout the book for writing simple programs.

Optimal Control will also serve as an invaluable reference for control engineers in the industry. It offers numerous tables that make it easy to find the equations needed to implement optimal controllers for practical applications. All simulations have been performed using MATLAB and relevant Toolboxes.

Optimal Control assumes a background in the state-variable representation of systems; because matrix manipulations are the basic mathematical vehicle of the book, a short review is included in the appendix.

A lucid introductory text and an invaluable reference, Optimal Control will serve as a complete tool for the professional engineer and advanced student alike.

As a superb introductory text and an indispensable reference, this new edition of Optimal Control will serve the needs of both the professional engineer and the advanced student in mechanical, electrical, and aerospace engineering. Its coverage encompasses all the fundamental topics as well as the major changes of recent years, including output-feedback design and robust design. An abundance of computer simulations using MATLAB and relevant Toolboxes is included to give the reader the actual experience of applying the theory to real-world situations. Major topics covered include:
* Static Optimization
* Optimal Control of Discrete-Time Systems
* Optimal Control of Continuous-Time Systems
* The Tracking Problem and Other LQR Extensions
* Final-Time-Free and Constrained Input Control
* Dynamic Programming
* Optimal Control for Polynomial Systems
* Output Feedback and Structured Control
* Robustness and Multivariable Frequency-Domain Techniques
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Inside Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Rino Micheloni, "Inside Solid State Drives (SSDs)"
English | ISBN: 9400751451 | 2013 | 250 pages | PDF | 9 MB
Solid State Drives (SSDs) are gaining momentum in enterprise and client applications, replacing Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) by offering higher performance and lower power. In the enterprise, developers of data center server and storage systems have seen CPU performance growing exponentially for the past two decades, while HDD performance has improved linearly for the same period. Additionally, multi-core CPU designs and virtualization have increased randomness of storage I/Os. These trends have shifted performance bottlenecks to enterprise storage systems. Business critical applications such as online transaction processing, financial data processing and database mining are increasingly limited by storage performance.

In client applications, small mobile platforms are leaving little room for batteries while demanding long life out of them. Therefore, reducing both idle and active power consumption has become critical. Additionally, client storage systems are in need of significant performance improvement as well as supporting small robust form factors. Ultimately, client systems are optimizing for best performance/power ratio as well as performance/cost ratio.

SSDs promise to address both enterprise and client storage requirements by drastically improving performance while at the same time reducing power.
Inside Solid State Drives walks the reader through all the main topics related to SSDs: from NAND Flash to memory controller (hardware and software), from I/O interfaces (PCIe/SAS/SATA) to reliability, from error correction codes (BCH and LDPC) to encryption, from Flash signal processing to hybrid storage. We hope you enjoy this tour inside Solid State Drives.

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