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Michael Robotham – Erlse mich

Michael Robotham – Erlse mich
Time: 12:11:00 | Publisher: Der Hrverlag | ASIN: B00KKSHLZE | 23. Juni 2014
Language: Deutsch | Audiobook in MP3 / 128 kbps | ~667 MB
Seit ihr Mann Daniel vor einem Jahr spurlos verschwand, liegt ein schwarzer Schatten ber dem Leben von Marnie Logan. Aber sie leidet nicht nur unter der qulenden Ungewissheit ber sein Schicksal – immer wieder bermannen sie pltzlich ngste, immer wieder beschleicht sie das Gefhl, beobachtet zu werden. Deshalb sucht sie Hilfe bei dem Psychologen Joe O'Loughlin, der aber schnell den Verdacht hat, dass Marnie ihm etwas verschweigt. Als eines Tages berraschend ein Album mit Fotos alter Freunde und Bekannter entdeckt wird, das Daniel seiner Frau zum Geburtstag schenken wollte, ist Marnie zunchst gerhrt. Doch dann kommt die grausame Geschichte dahinter ans Tageslicht, die auch Joe zutiefst erschttert…

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The Touch by Colleen McCullough

The Touch by Colleen McCullough
Pocket Star | 2004 | ISBN: 0671024191 | 624 pages | EPUB | 3 MB
Not since The Thorn Birds has Colleen McCullough written a novel of such broad appeal about a family and the Australian experience as The Touch.
At its center is Alexander Kinross, remembered as a young man in his native Scotland only as a shiftless boilermaker's apprentice and a godless rebel. But when, years later, he writes from Australia to summon his bride, his Scottish relatives quickly realize that he has made a fortune in the gold fields and is now a man to be reckoned with.
Arriving in Sydney after a difficult voyage, the sixteen-year-old Elizabeth Drummond meets her husband-to-be and discovers to her dismay that he frightens and repels her. Offered no choice, she marries him and is whisked at once across a wild, uninhabited countryside to Alexander's own town, named Kinross after himself. In the crags above it lies the world's richest gold mine.
Isolated in Alexander's great house, with no company save Chinese servants, Elizabeth finds that the intimacies of marriage do not prompt her husband to enlighten her about his past life — or even his present one. She has no idea that he still has a mistress, the sensual, tough, outspoken Ruby Costevan, whom Alexander has established in his town, nor that he has also made Ruby a partner in his company, rapidly expanding its interests far beyond gold. Ruby has a son, Lee, whose father is the head of the beleaguered Chinese community; the boy becomes dear to Alexander, who fosters his education as a gentleman.
Captured by the very different natures of Elizabeth and Ruby, Alexander resolves to have both of them. Why should he not? He has the fabled "Midas Touch" — a combination of curiosity, boldness and intelligence that he applies to every situation, and which fails him only when it comes to these two women.
Although Ruby loves Alexander desperately, Elizabeth does not. Elizabeth bears him two daughters: the brilliant Nell, so much like her father; and the beautiful, haunting Anna, who is to present her father with a torment out of which for once he cannot buy his way. Thwarted in his desire for a son, Alexander turns to Ruby's boy as a possible heir to his empire, unaware that by keeping Lee with him, he is courting disaster.
The stories of the lives of Alexander, Elizabeth and Ruby are intermingled with those of a rich cast of characters, and, after many twists and turns, come to a stunning and shocking climax. Like The Thorn Birds, Colleen McCullough's new novel is at once a love story and a family saga, replete with tragedy, pathos, history and passion. As few other novelists can, she conveys a sense of place: the desperate need of her characters, men and women, rootless in a strange land, to create new beginnings.

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