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Master your Canon D-SLR 2015-P2P

Master the basics of photography with your Canon digital SLR beginner’s guide. Learn how to balance exposures, how to get sharp shots, how to maximise image quality, and much more.Release name: Master your Canon D-SLR 2015-P2P
Size: 134.6 MB
Format: PDF
Pages: 224
Link: Homepage | NTi

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Occupational and Environmental Health: Recognizing and Preventing Disease and Injury

Occupational and Environmental Health: Recognizing and Preventing Disease and Injury By Barry S. Levy, David H. Wegman, Sherry L. Baron, Rosemary K. Sokas
English | 6 edition | 2011 | ISBN: 0195397886 | 888 pages | PDF | 11,5 MB
Occupational and environmental health is the public health and multidisciplinary approach to the recognition, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and control of disease, injuries, and other adverse health conditions resulting from hazardous environmental exposures in the workplace, the home, or the community.
These are essential elements of public health practice and the core course in Environmental Health in Masters of Public Health programs.

Thoroughly updated and expanded upon, the sixth edition of Occupational and Environmental Health provides comprehensive coverage and a clear understanding of occupational and environmental health and its relationships to public health, environmental science, and governmental policy. New chapters include Toxicology, Risk Communication, Health Equity and Social Justice, Occupational and Environmental Health Surveillance, Food Safety, Protecting Disaster Rescue and Recovery Workers, Implementing Programs and Policies for a Healthy Workforce, and Addressing the Built Environment and Health. The authors also expand on chapters included in previous chapters, and the book features practical case studies, numerous tables, graphs, and photos, and annotated bibliographies.

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