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Security in Computing, 4th Edition

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Security in Computing, 4th Edition by Charles P. Pfleeger, Shari Lawrence Pfleeger
2006 | ISBN: 0132390779 | English | 880 pages | EPUB | 7 MB

Security in Computing, 4th Edition
The New State-of-the-Art in Information Security: Now Covers the Economics of Cyber Security and the Intersection of Privacy and Information Security
For years, IT and security professionals and students have turned to Security in Computing as the definitive guide to information about computer security attacks and countermeasures. In their new fourth edition, Charles P. Pfleeger and Shari Lawrence Pfleeger have thoroughly updated their classic guide to reflect today's newest technologies, standards, and trends.
The authors first introduce the core concepts and vocabulary of computer security, including attacks and controls. Next, the authors systematically identify and assess threats now facing programs, operating systems, database systems, and networks. For each threat, they offer best-practice responses.

Security in Computing, Fourth Edition , goes beyond technology, covering crucial management issues faced in protecting infrastructure and information. This edition contains an all-new chapter on the economics of cybersecurity, explaining ways to make a business case for security investments. Another new chapter addresses privacy–from data mining and identity theft, to RFID and e-voting.

New coverage also includes
Programming mistakes that compromise security: man-in-the-middle, timing, and privilege escalation attacks
Web application threats and vulnerabilities
Networks of compromised systems: bots, botnets, and drones
Rootkits–including the notorious Sony XCP
Wi-Fi network security challenges, standards, and techniques
New malicious code attacks, including false interfaces and keystroke loggers
Improving code quality: software engineering, testing, and liability approaches
Biometric authentication: capabilities and limitations
Using the Advanced Encryption System (AES) more effectively
Balancing dissemination with piracy control in music and other digital content
Countering new cryptanalytic attacks against RSA, DES, and SHA
Responding to the emergence of organized attacker groups pursuing profit
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Instant english di John P. Sloan [REPOST]

Instant english di John P. Sloan
Gribaudo | 2010 | ISBN: 8858000374 | 396 pages | PDF | 6 MB
"E' incredibile che abbiamo dovuto aspettare John Peter Sloan per avere finalmente un corso logico e semplice che possono seguire tutti gli studenti di inglese.» Derek Allen, professore di inglese all'Universit di Milano.«Efficace, veloce e divertente. Questo metodo funziona veramente!» Enrico Aprico, vicepresidente Mtv dal 1997 al 2008 e responsabile production and operation Telecom Italia Media dal 2004 al 2007, si occupa di New media, docente presso lo IED e lavora per Finelco, Radio 105, occupandosi dello zoo di 105.«Questo il metodo senza dubbio pi semplice ma pi geniale che c'e in giro: John ha capito tutti i problemi che hanno gli italiani con l'inglese e li ha eliminati in modo divertente!» John Rigg, giornalista e scrittore che ha lavorato per la rivista "Speak up"."Che bello imparare l'inglese cos: immediato, veloce, divertente! Sono contento di non essere inglese, altrimenti non mi sarebbe servito questo libro! God Save John!»

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Securing Biometrics Applications

Charles A. Shoniregun, Stephen Crosier “Securing Biometrics Applications"
English | 2007-12-05 | ISBN: 0387699325 | PDF | 190 pages | 9,9 Mb
Biometrics is becoming increasingly common in establishments that require high security such as state security and financial sectors. The increased threat to national security by terrorists has led to the explosive popularity of biometrics.

A number of biometric devices are now available to capture biometric measurements such as fingerprints, palm, retinal scans, keystroke, voice recognition and facial scanning. However, the accuracy of these measurements varies, which has a direct relevance on the levels of security they offer. With the need to combat the problems related to identify theft and other security issues, society will have to compromise between security and personal freedoms.

Securing Biometrics Applications investigates and identifies key impacts of biometric security applications, while discovering opportunities and challenges presented by the biometric technologies available.

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