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WordPress Multisite Administration

FREEDownload : WordPress Multisite Administration

Tyler L. Longren, "WordPress Multisite Administration"
English | ISBN: 1783282479 | 2013 | 106 pages | PDF, EPUB | 13 MB

WordPress Multisite Administration
A concise guide to set up, manage, and customize your blog network using WordPress multisite

Learn how to configure a complete, functional, and attractive WordPress Multisite
Customize your sites with WordPress themes and plugins
Set up, maintain, and secure your blog network

In Detail

WordPress is an incredibly popular blogging platform. Few people realize that the software behind WordPress.com, which is a standalone WordPress with multisite enabled, is available for free, for anyone to make use of. WordPress Multisite is a special ?mode? built into WordPress, which allows you to create a network of multiple websites, all running on a single installation of WordPress.

WordPress Multisite Administration is an easy-to-understand book filled with information, tips, and best practices to help you create and manage a blog network similar to http://wordpress.com/, by using WordPress Multisite.

WordPress Multisite Administration will take you through all the steps necessary to get WordPress Multisite installed and configured on your server. It covers everything from installation and initial configuration to customizations and some helpful troubleshooting tips.

You will also learn how to build your own blog directory that features the authors in your WordPress Multisite network. The blog directory is built by making use of WordPress child themes, an incredibly useful thing to know how to do.

You'll learn everything you need to know about running and maintaining a WordPress Multisite installation.

What you will learn from this book
Create a WordPress multisite network, similar to http://wordpress.com/
Learn theme and plugin activation and management
Make a custom blog directory featuring network author content
Secure your WordPress Multisite installation
Migrate multiple regular WordPress sites into one WordPress Multisite installation
Tips and best practices for optimization
Update themes, plugins, and WordPress core
Create a basic WordPress child theme for the blog directory
Set up multiple sites on your WordPress multisite network


This is a simple, concise guide with a step-by-step approach, packed with screenshots and examples to set up and manage a network blog using WordPress

Who this book is written for

WordPress Multisite Administration is ideal for anyone wanting to familiarize themselves with WordPress Multisite. You'll need to know the basics about WordPress, and having at least a broad understanding of HTML, CSS, and PHP will help, but isn't required.
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TTC How We Learn (Audiobook)

FREEDownload : TTC How We Learn (Audiobook)

TTC How We Learn (Audiobook)
English | MP3 128 kbps | 24 Lectures | 361 MB
Learning is a lifelong adventure. It starts in your mother's womb, accelerates to high speed in infancy and childhood, and continues through every age, whether you're actively engaged in mastering a new skill, intuitively discovering an unfamiliar place, or just sleeping, which is fundamental to helping you consolidate and hold on to what you've learned. You are truly born to learn around the clock.

TTC How We Learn (Audiobook)
But few of us know how we learn, which is the key to learning and studying more effectively. For example, you may be surprised by the following:

People tend to misjudge what they have learned well, what they don't yet know, and what they do and do not need to practice.
Moments of confusion, frustration, uncertainty, and lack of confidence are part of the process of acquiring new skills and new knowledge.
Humans and animals explore their worlds for the sake of learning, regardless of rewards and punishment connected with success.
You can teach an old dog new tricks. In fact, older learners have the benefit of prior knowledge and critical skills—two advantages in learning.
Shedding light on what's going on when we learn and dispelling common myths about the subject, How We Learn introduces you to this practical and accessible science in 24 half-hour lectures presented by Professor Monisha Pasupathi of the University of Utah, an award-winning psychology teacher and expert on how people of all ages learn.

A Course about You

Customers of The Great Courses are already devoted to lifelong learning and may be surprised at how complicated the process of learning is. We have a single word for it—learn—but it occurs in a fascinating variety of ways, which Professor Pasupathi recounts in detail. She describes a wide range of experiments that may strike a familiar chord as you recognize something about yourself or others:

scripts: We have trouble recalling specific events until we have first learned scripts for those events. Young children are prodigious learners of scripts, but so are first-time parents, college freshmen, foreign travelers, and new employees.
Variable ratio reinforcement: Children whining for candy are usually refused, but the few occasions when parents give in encourage maximal display of the behavior. The same principle is behind the success of slot machines and other unpredictable rewards.
Storytelling: Telling stories is fundamentally an act of learning about ourselves. The way we recount experiences, usually shortly after the event, has lasting effects on the way we remember those experiences and what we learn from them.
Sleeper effect: Have you ever heard something from an unreliable source and later found yourself believing it? Over time, we tend to remember information but forget the source. Paradoxically, this effect is stronger when the source is less credible.
Dr. Pasupathi's many examples cover the modern history of research on learning—from behaviorist theory in the early 20th century to the most recent debates about whether IQ can be separated from achievement, or whether a spectrum of different learning styles and multiple intelligences really exist.

What You Will Learn

You start by examining 10 myths about learning. These can get in the way of making the fullest use of the extraordinary capacity for learning and include widespread beliefs, such as that college-educated people already know how to maximize learning or that a person must be interested in a subject in order to learn it.

Professor Pasupathi then covers mistaken theories of learning, such as that lab animals and humans learn in the same way or that the brain is a tabula rasa, a blank slate that can absorb information without preparation. Babies might seem to be a counterexample, showing that you can learn from scratch. However, you examine what newborns must know at birth in order for them to learn so much, so quickly.

Next you explore in depth how humans master different tasks, from learning a native language or a second language, to becoming adept at a sport or a musical instrument, to learning a new city or a problem-solving strategy, to grasping the distinctive style of thinking required in mathematics and science. Then you look inside the learning process itself, where many factors come into play, including what is being learned and the context, along with the emotions, motivations, and goals of the learner. You close by considering individual differences. Some people seem to learn without effort. How do they do it?

Tips on Learning

Along the way, Professor Pasupathi offers frequent advice on how to excel in many different learning situations:

Mastering material: Testing yourself is a very effective strategy for mastering difficult material. Try taking a blank sheet of paper and writing down everything you can recall about the subject. Then go back and review the material. Next, try another blank sheet of paper.
Second-language learning: Becoming fluent in a second language in adulthood is difficult because your brain is tuned to your native language and misses important clues in the new language. To overcome this obstacle, immerse yourself among native speakers of the new language.
Motivating a child: When trying to motivate a schoolchild to learn, avoid controlling language, create opportunities to give the child a sense of choice, and be careful about excessive praise and other forms of rewards, which can actually undermine learning.
Maintaining a learning edge: Middle-aged and older adults can preserve their learning aptitude by exercising to maintain cardiovascular health, staying mentally active, and periodically trying a new challenge, such as learning to draw or studying new dance steps.
Adventures in Learning

Winner of prestigious teaching awards from her university's chapter of Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology, Dr. Pasupathi brings today's exciting field of learning research alive. Her descriptions of ongoing work in her field, in which she is a prominent participant, are vivid and insightful, allowing you to put yourself into a given experiment and ask, "How would I react under these circumstances? What does this tell me about my own approach to learning?"

By the time How We Learn ends, you will appreciate the incredible breadth of what we learn in our lifetimes, understand the commonality and diversity of human learning experiences, and come away with strategies for enhancing your own adventures in learning.

"Learning is a human birthright," says Professor Pasupathi. "Everything about us is built for lifelong learning—from our unusually long childhood and our large prefrontal cortex to our interest in novelty and challenge." And she finds reason for optimism about the future of humanity due to our almost miraculous capacity to learn.

About Your Professor

Dr. Monisha Pasupathi is Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Utah. She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Stanford University. She joined the faculty at Utah in 1999 after completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Germany.

Professor Pasupathi has been honored multiple times for her teaching. She was named Best Psychology Professor by her university's chapter of Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology. Psi Chi also awarded her the Outstanding Educator Award and Favorite Professor Award.

Professor Pasupathi's research focuses on how people of all ages learn from their experiences, particularly through storytelling. She is coeditor of Narrative Development in Adolescence: Creating the Storied Self, and her work has been published widely in scholarly journals.

Directory of TTC Teaching Company – How We Learn 2012

01 Myths about Learning.mp3
02 Why No Single Learning Theory Works.mp3
03 Learning as Information Processing.mp3
04 Creating Representations.mp3
05 Categories, Rules, and scripts.mp3
06 What Babies Know.mp3
07 Learning Your Native Tongue.mp3
08 Learning a Second Language.mp3
09 Learning How to Move.mp3
10 Learning Our Way Around.mp3
11 Learning to Tell Stories.mp3
12 Learning Approaches in Math and Science.mp3
13 Learning as Theory Testing.mp3
14 Integrating Different Domains of Learning.mp3
15 Cognitive Constraints on Learning.mp3
16 Choosing Learning Strategies.mp3
17 Source Knowledge and Learning.mp3
18 The Role of Emotion in Learning.mp3
19 Cultivating a Desire to Learn.mp3
20 Intelligence and Learning.mp3
21 Are Learning Styles Real.mp3
22 Different People, Different Interests.mp3
23 Learning across the Lifespan.mp3
24 Making the Most of How We Learn.mp3
How We Learn.txt

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Stock Management for Sustainable Urban Regeneration (cSUR-UT Series: Library for Sustainable Urban Regeneration)

FREEDownload : Stock Management for Sustainable Urban Regeneration (cSUR-UT Series: Library for Sustainable Urban Regeneration)

Stock Management for Sustainable Urban Regeneration (cSUR-UT Series: Library for Sustainable Urban Regeneration) by Yozo Fujino
English | 2008 | ISBN: 4431740929 | 306 Pages | PDF | 21 MB
While the development of material civilization and industrialization initiated by the Industrial Revolution in the eighteenth century made possible a more comfortable life for mankind, it caused a concentration of human resources and led to rapid urbanization around the world.

Stock Management for Sustainable Urban Regeneration (cSUR-UT Series: Library for Sustainable Urban Regeneration)
Consequently, a multitude of environmental problems such as global warming, disruption of the e- system, depletion of natural resources, and the accumulation of waste have become international issues. Urbanization accelerated the construction of super high-rise buildings, huge complex facilities, and stacked-up networks of roads and railways. At the same time, however, it resulted in crowded city blocks that were fragile and vulnerable to natural disasters such as ear- quakes, tsunamis, and floods, and in historical structures becoming ruined and cultural urban space exhausted. Maintenance and repair of the amassed stock of structures are causing an economic burden today. Against this background, the Urban Stock Management Research Group in the Center for Sustainable Urban Regeneration (cSUR) at the University of Tokyo has conducted research to develop integrated methods to maintain existing urban assets and to conserve the cultural/social context of urban environments. Urban stock management, such as conservation, utilization, and renovation, is vital for simultaneously supporting urban history, culture, changing lifestyles, and other conflicting elements. Therefore, new en- neering for renovation and utilization of urban stock is urgently required to maintain safety, the environment, and continuing comfort as well as to save natural resources and reduce wastes.
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Black & Decker Running New Wire Backup Power Current with 2011-2013 Electrical Codes

FREEDownload : Black & Decker Running New Wire + Backup Power Current with 2011-2013 Electrical Codes

Black & Decker Running New Wire + Backup Power Current with 2011-2013 Electrical Codes
English | PDF | 2 Books | 37 MB
Black & Decker Running New Wire + Backup Power Current with 2011-2013 Electrical Codes.

Black & Decker Running New Wire + Backup Power Current with 2011-2013 Electrical Codes

1. Black & Decker Running New Wire – Editors of CPi

The editors of Creative Publishing, international, now bring you the ebook Quick Read: Running New Wire. This quick read, excerpted from the best-selling The Black & Decker Complete Guide to Wiring, 5th edition, includes step-by-step illustrated how-to information for installing NM cable, conduit and surface-mounted wiring. If you would like the rest of the story, look for The Black & Decker Complete Guide to Wiring, 5th edition.


2. Black & Decker Backup Power: Current with 2011-2013 Electrical Codes – Editors of CPi

The editors of Creative Publishing, international, now bring you the ebook Quick Read: Backup Power. This quick read, excerpted from the best-selling The Black & Decker Complete Guide to Wiring, 5th edition, includes general information on installing a basic backup power supply system. Covered are types of generators and important safety practices for backup generator installation and use. You'll also learn about types of transfer switches, how to install a manual transfer switch, and how to run and maintain a backup system. If you would like additional, related wiring information, look for The Black & Decker Complete Guide to Wiring, 5th edition.

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Inside C#, Second Edition by Andrew Whitechapel

FREEDownload : Inside C#, Second Edition by Andrew Whitechapel

Inside C#, Second Edition by Andrew Whitechapel
English | Apr 1, 2002 | ISBN: 0735616485 | 600 Pages | CHM | 8 MB
For years, developers have wished for a programming language with the power and flexibility of C++ that's also easy to write, read, and maintain like Microsoft "RM" Visual Basic "RM". Visual C# "TM", the hot new Web-enabled programming language from Microsoft, satisfies those wishes.

Inside C#, Second Edition by Andrew Whitechapel
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Darkness Over Tibet (Mystic Travellers Series)

FREEDownload : Darkness Over Tibet (Mystic Travellers Series)

Darkness Over Tibet (Mystic Travellers Series) by Theodore Illion
English | Aug 1, 1991 | ISBN: 0932813143 | 210 Pages | PDF | 7 MB
IN my book In Secret Tibet I have given an outline of my recent journey to Tibet, showing how, passing through successive contacts with the Tibetan multitude and gangs of brigands, I finally succeeded in visiting Tibetan monasteries in the disguise of a native. After witnessing various marvels, such as the flying lamas and the Tibetan respas* I reached the final stage of the journey in the most inaccessible part of the country where live the genuine Tibetan hermits, who can read people's thoughts and possess the strange power to maintain themselves young almost indefinitely.

Darkness Over Tibet (Mystic Travellers Series)
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How to Set Up an Online Business

FREEDownload : How to Set Up an Online Business

How to Set Up an Online Business by Tim Danton
English | 2009-11-19 | ISBN: 1906372314 | PDF | 132 pages | 108 MB

How to Set Up an Online Business
Set up your own digital business and turn your ideas into cash!
Planning a digital empire? This new and expanded MagBook contains everything you need to know to make money on the internet! Proving you don't need to be an IT expert to launch an online business, this MagBook from the experts at PC Pro magazine provides all the advice you need to attract and maintain customers online – making it the definitive guide to developing a profitable web business.

Guiding you through every stage of business development – right from the initial planning of your business right through to marketing and maintaining customers, you'll learn how to understand and approach your market, deal with your competition, use the internet to your advantage, and set up an effective website, regardless of your technical ability; all without breaking the bank. Order your copy today and take your first steps to becoming a digital entrepreneur!
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Maintain and Improve Your Powerboat: 100 Ways to Make Your Boat Better

FREEDownload : Maintain and Improve Your Powerboat: 100 Ways to Make Your Boat Better

Maintain and Improve Your Powerboat: 100 Ways to Make Your Boat Better by Paul Esterle
English | Aug 5, 2009 | ISBN: 007154934X | 304 Pages | PDF | 10 MB
This wide-ranging projects book covers maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to improve comfort, utility, appearance, value, safety, and enjoyment of powerboats up to 35 feet long. Projects include standard maintenance like changing engine oil and preparing for winter storage; minor repairs like rebedding deck hardware; and upgrades like creating new storage and improving your boat’s fuel efficiency.

Maintain and Improve Your Powerboat: 100 Ways to Make Your Boat Better
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The Profitable Supply Chain: A Practitioner’s Guide

FREEDownload : The Profitable Supply Chain: A Practitioner’s Guide

The Profitable Supply Chain: A Practitioner's Guide by Ramnath Ganesan
2014 | ISBN: 1484205278 | English | 296 pages | PDF | 7 MB

The Profitable Supply Chain: A Practitioner’s Guide
provides a first-principles approach to understanding the drivers of today’s successful supply chains, covering everything from inventory and demand management to network planning to technology-driven improvements in efficient supply chain management.

Apart from introducing the latest concepts and methods, supply chain expert and consultant Ramnath Ganesan provides numerous real-world examples and cases to clarify how his process-oriented approach can be applied to specific situations, together with spreadsheet functions when appropriate. Practitioners will be especially interested, for example, in the sections on assessing external factors for demand, modifying network routings in response to rising fuel prices, designing a framework for identifying issues and tracking actions, and instituting financial measures to track performance.

The book addresses situations found in such industries as consumer electronics, healthcare, telecommunications, consumer goods, industrial equipment, building materials, and many others. No matter the industry, all firms trading products face operational challenges in producing and/or moving goods in a geographically dispersed global network while fulfilling customer demand in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Such demands can only be supported by a rigorous approach that aligns supply with demand, an approach this book outlines clearly and simply.

The Profitable Supply Chain will prove a valuable reference for production schedulers, plant managers, material managers, demand planners, and supply chain executives. Among other things, it covers the following topics in great depth:

How to design and implement an efficient, scalable supply chain management process from the ground up—or improve the one you have.
How to maintain adequate inventory levels while reducing the cost of supplying products.
How to implement specific metrics that help improve supply chain performance and forecast accuracy.
How to gain competitive advantages through the latest advances in IT architecture and software.
This book will also be of immense value to information technology professionals. That includes enterprise application developers charged with designing and implementing a supply chain IT architecture, as well as those administering and maintaining an enterprise resource planning or advance planning system.

There are few areas in business more ripe for cost reductions than in the supply chain. The Profitable Supply Chain is therefore your go-to resource for making supply chain operations leaner, more efficient, and ultimately far more profitable than they are now.

What youll learn

How to maintain and move inventory optimally in the supply chain.
How to create an inventory strategy for your company.
How to increase the accuracy of your demand forecast.
How to create a sales and operations plan and then improve it on a daily basis.
How to analyze and deal with information distortion when dealing with channel partners.
How to involve company executives in the supply chain management process.
How to manage the evolution of supply chain practices, especially as technology improves and imperatives to "go green" gather force.

Who this book is for

Supply chain managers and professionals at manufacturing and distribution companies, information technology professionals, and software developers who need to better understand supply chain issues to help clients gain new efficiencies.

Chapter 1: Supply Chain Management: An Overview

Chapter 2: Inventory Planning

Chapter 3: Demand Planning

Chapter 4: Supply Planning

Chapter 5: Sales & Operations Planning

Chapter 6: Network Planning

Chapter 7: Supply Chain Performance Review

Chapter 8: The Evolving Supply Chain

Appendix A: An Introduction to Managerial Cost Accounting

Appendix B: Inventory Margin Analysis
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Womens Magazines – January 12 2015 (True PDF)

FREEDownload : Womens Magazines – January 12 2015 (True PDF)

Womens Magazines – January 12 2015 (True PDF)
15 Issues | True PDF | English | 353 MB

Womens Magazines – January 12 2015 (True PDF)

Cosmopolitan – February 2015 UK

164 Pages | True PDF | English | 32 MB

Cosmopolitan Magazine celebrates fun, glamour and a passion for life. Inspiring young women to be the best they can be with everything from high street fashion must-haves and stunning make-up tips, career news, sex and relationship advice, as well as intimate interviews with your favourite celebs! It's gutsy, intimate and most importantly honest about issues affecting women.


Cosmopolitan – February 2015 USA

220 Pages | True PDF | English | 20 MB


DIVA – January 2015 UK

100 Pages | True PDF | English | 25 MB

DIVA is the leading lesbian magazine in Europe if not the world.


ELLE – February 2015 CA

132 Pages | True PDF | English | 27 MB


ELLE – February 2015 USA

226 Pages | True PDF | English | 17 MB

ELLE is the international fashion magazine for sophisticated, independent women with a strong sense of personal style. The hottest designers. The latest fashions on the street and on the runways. Plus the beauty, health and fitness finds to keep you glowing.


FASHION – February 2015 CA

120 Pages | True PDF | English | 35 MB


Glamour – February 2015 USA

190 Pages | True PDF | English | 16 MB

Glamour has the hottest celebrities, the best fashion and beauty, gripping real-life stories, in depth features, plus entertainment, health, fitness, food and travel… and much, much more.


Harper's Bazaar – February 2015 UK

190 Pages | True PDF | English | 17 MB

One of the world's most influential fashion titles, Harper's Bazaar has always been famous for its ability to blend inspiring fashion with intelligent features. Harper's Bazaar is for the sophisticated, discerning woman, bringing her a perfect mix of stunning fashion stories, informed arts coverage, informative beauty pages and strong, intelligent features every month.


InStyle – February 2015 USA

214 Pages | True PDF | English | 16 MB

The personal style of the most fascinating people on the planet. A practical guide to what, where and how to buy according to your preferences.


Lucky – February 2015 USA

96 Pages | True PDF | English | 22 MB

Lucky is your ultimate guide to shopping, style and incredible deals. Lucky tells you what to get, where to get it, how to wear it and how to get the best deal on it! Lucky offers tips on how to look chic, save money and have fun with fashion.


Marie Claire – February 2015 USA

180 Pages | True PDF | English | 37 MB

Marie Claire is today's magazine for the fashion minded woman. It reflects all areas of the reader's life, providing the time-pressed woman with a mix of information. Marie Claire remains unsurpassed as the best source for beauty advice.


Oxygen – February 2015 USA

108 Pages | True PDF | English | 19 MB

This magazine is designed to inform, educate and inspire women of all ages about the joys and benefits of fitness, proper nutrition, health and resistance training. It will help you acquire a sound body and clear mind to achieve an energy-filled, stress-free lifestyle and empowered self-image.


Scarlet – January 2015 UK

38 Pages | True PDF | English | 7 MB

Scarlet Magazine is the only magazine dedicated to celebrating sex and relationships from the female perspective. Each month we provide inspiration and information to help you get what you want from your sex and love life with frank and informative features that epitomise the way women talk to each other when men aren't around.


Slimming World – February 2015 UK

184 Pages | True PDF | English | 27 MB

Slimming World is the UK's best-selling weight-loss magazine. It's packed with healthy recipes, real-life success stories and expert advice to help you slim down and maintain your ideal shape for life.


Woman's Day – February 2015 USA

136 Pages | True PDF | English | 29 MB

Woman's Day, one of the oldest and most beloved of all the traditional women's magazines, is ever-evolving to fit the needs of modern readers.

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