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The Marne 1914: A Battlefield Guide

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The Marne 1914: A Battlefield Guide
Pen and Sword Military | 2013 | ISBN: 1848848013 | English | 224 Pages | EPUB | 38 MB

The Marne 1914: A Battlefield Guide
The First Battle of the Marne was one of the most pivotal battles in history. Fought outside Paris in September 1914, it turned the tide of the German invasion of France, and robbed Kaiser Wilhelm II of his best chance of winning the First World War.
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“Mathematics of Planet Earth” ed. by Eulogio Pardo-Igzquiza, et al.

"Mathematics of Planet Earth" ed. by Eulogio Pardo-Igzquiza, et al.
Lecture Notes in Earth System Sciences. Proceedings of the 15th Annual Conference of the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences
S?ring?r | 2014 | ISBN: 364232407X 9783642324079 9783642324086 | 847 pages | PDF | 39 MB
This volume is dedicated to the main task of mathematical geoscientists during the last forty years – to establish new frontiers and new challenges in the study and understanding of the natural world.

The book comprises the proceedings of the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences Conference (IAMG2013), held in Madrid from September 2-6, 2013.
The proceedings give a multidisciplinary vision of mathematical geosciences.

1 Performance Evaluation of Swanson's Rule for the Case of Log-Normal Populations
2 Modelling Ore Bodies of High-Nugget Gold Using Conditional Probability
3 The Extraction of Long-Term Distribution Trends of Ore-Sourced Geochemical Elements from an Drill Core in the Loess Covered Area
4 Evaluating Predictive Performance
5 At the Interface Between Mathematical Geoscience and Classical Statistics
6 Estimating the Number and Locations of Euler Poles
7 Testing for Microhomogeneity in Reference Materials for Microanalytical Methods
9 Maximum Likelihood Inference of Spatial Covariance Parameters of Large Data Sets in Geosciences
10 A Cross-Polar Modeling Approach to Hindcast Paleo-Arctic Mega Icebergs: A Storyboard
11 Towards a Statistical Treatment of Images Acquired by Automated Mineralogy
12 Distributional Assumptions and Parametric Uncertainties in the Aggregation of Geologic Resources
13 Modeling Extremal Dependence Using Copulas. Application to Rainfall Data
14 Revisiting "Estimating and Choosing"
15 Pragmatic Bayesian Kriging for Non-Stationary and Moderately Non-Gaussian Data
16 Geostatistical History Matching Conditioned to Seismic Data
17 Handling Soft Probabilities in Multiple Point Statistics Simulation
18 An Application of Equal-Area-Growing Window for Calculating Local Singularity for Mapping Granites in Inner Mongolia
19 Semi-Variogram Model Inference Using a Median Bootstrap Statistics
20 Geometric and Statistical Modeling of Fractures in the 3D Disturbed Zone of a Claystone Around a Cylindrical Gallery (Meuse-Haute Marne Underground Research Laboratory, France)
21 Robust Regression with Compositional Response: Application to Geosciences
22 Compositional Analysis in the Study of Mineralization Based on Stream Sediment Data
23 Modelling World Energy Applying Simplicial Linear Ordinary Differential Equations
24 Structural Analysis of the National Geochemical Survey of Australia Data
25 Discriminant Analysis of Palaeogene Basalt Lavas, Northern Ireland, Using Soil Geochemistry
26 Chemical Equilibria in Compositional Data
27 Analysis of Total Abundances of Phytoplankton Compositions in a River
28 Recursive Upward Sweeping and Updating Method on Ensemble Based Multiscale Algorithm in Data Assimilation
29 Corrected Kriging Update Formulae for Batch-Sequential Data Assimilation
30 Analysis of the Parametrization Needs of Different Land Cover Classifiers: the Case Study of Granda Province (Spain)
31 Automatic Raman Spectra Processing for Exomars
32 Fuzzy Parameterization of a Filtration Model for a Non-homogeneous Sedimentary Rock
33 Application of Multivariate Analysis Techniques for the Identification of Sulfates From Raman Spectra
34 Comparison of Micro X-ray Computer Tomography Image Segmentation Methods: Artificial Neural Networks Versus Least Square Support Vector Machine
35 Learning Uncertainty from Training Images for Reservoir Predictions
36 A Particle Swarm Optimization for Parameter Estimation of a Rainfall-Runoff Model
37 Sequential Weights of Evidence as a Machine Learning Model for Mineral Deposits Prediction
38 Identification of Spatial Models of xxxxO in Precipitation of the Wet Season Over Spain Using Genetic Algorithms
39 Space-Time Prediction of Extreme Events by Using Mathematical Logic Modeling of Cause-Effect Relations
40 Local Clustering in Spatio-Temporal Point Patterns
41 The Use of Remote Sensing Data in a Colombian Andean Basin for Risk Analysis
42 Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Earthquake Occurrences Using a Multiresolution Approach
43 Statistical Complexity Analysis of Spatiotemporal Dynamics
44 Frequency Distributions and Scaling of Soil Texture and Hydraulic Properties in a Stratified Deep Vadose Zone Near Maricopa, Arizona
45 Cascade of Proppant-Sandwiched Silt Blocks as a Double-Continuum: From Discovery to Mathematical Modeling
46 Parameterization of Soil Thermal Diffusivity Versus Moisture Content Dependencies and Modeling Spatial Heterogeneity of Soil Temperature
47 A Packing Computational Method Relating Fractal Particle Size Distribution and Void Fraction in Granular Media
48 Parallel Sets and Morphological Measurements of CT Images of Soil Pore Structure in a Vineyard
49 Evaluation of Fractal Dimension in Karst Aquifers
50 Fractal Modelling of Karst Conduits
51 Frequency-Area Distribution of Historical Landslides in the Sannio Apennine (Southern Italy)
52 A Spatiotemporal Remotely-Sensed Assessment of Peat Covered Areas Using Airborne Radiometrics
53 Monitoring of Urban-Damaging Landslides with Satellite Radar Missions: Arcos de la Frontera (Spain)
54 Multivariate Variogram and Madogram: Tools for Quantifying Diversity/Dissimilarity in Spatiotemporal Data
55 Spatiotemporal Interactions for Daily Mapping of PM10 with MODIS and Meteorological Data
56 Non Linear PS Time Series: Analysis and Post-Processing for Landslides Studies
57 Observation of the Mining-Induced Surface Deformations Using C and L SAR Bands: The Upper Silesian Coal Basin (Poland) Case Study
58 Multi-Temporal Evaluation of Landslide-Induced Movements and Damage Assessment in San Fratello (Italy) by Means of C- and X-Band PSI Data
59 Integration of Earth Observation and Ground-Based HR Data in the Civil Protection Emergency Cycle: The Case of the DORIS Project
60 Geostatistical Analysis of PSI Radar Data: A Methodology to Assess Serviceable Limit State of Buildings
61 Using Modern Sensor Data and Advanced Numerical Modelling for Slow Landslides Motion Forecasting
62 Characterization of Underground Cellars in the Duero Basin by GNSS, LIDAR and GPR Techniques
63 Study of Subsidence on Aquifers Having Undergone Extraction and Inactive Cycles
64 Advanced InSAR Techniques to Support Landslide Monitoring
65 Estimation of Information Loss When Masking Conditional Dependence and Categorizing Continuous Data: Further Experiments on a Database for Spatial Prediction Modelling in Northern Italy
66 3D-GIS Analysis for Mineral Resources Exploration in Luanchuan, China
67 Animation of Groundwater Flow with STRING
68 SHEE Program, a Tool for the Display, Analysis and Interpretation of Hydrological Processes in Watersheds
69 Mathematical Methods of the Data Analysis in a Prospecting Database for Geological Mapping
70 Geoprocessing Tool Regenerat: Characterization of Mineral Resource Quality of Renewable Sediment Deposits
71 Spatiotemporal Data Model for Multi-Factor Geological Process Analysis with Case Study
72 Use of Variational Methods in Geological Mapping
73 Comparison of Methods for Depth to Groundwater Calculation in Hard Rock Areas
74 Line-Geometry-Based Inverse Distance Weighted Interpolation (L-IDW): Geoscientific Case Studies
75 Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Modeling and Analysis of Morphological Changes in the Palancia River (Spain) During a Severe Flood Event on October 2000
76 Stream Length-Gradient Index Mapping as a Tool for Landslides Identification
77 Quantitative Method on Historical Reconstruction of Coastal Geomorphological Change on Wave-Dominated Coast: A Case Study of the Pomeranian Bay,

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