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“Advances in Crystallization Processes” ed. by Yitzhak Mastai

FREEDownload : “Advances in Crystallization Processes” ed. by Yitzhak Mastai

"Advances in Crystallization Processes" ed. by Yitzhak Mastai
InTeOpP | 2012 | ISBN: 9535105817 9789535105817 | 659 pages | PDF | 51 MB
This book provides the latest research developments in many aspects of crystallization including: chiral crystallization, crystallization of nanomaterials and the crystallization of amorphous and glassy materials. This book is of interest to both fundamental research and also to practicing scientists and will prove invaluable to all chemical engineers and industrial chemists in the process industries as well as crystallization workers and students in industry and academia.

“Advances in Crystallization Processes” ed. by Yitzhak Mastai
Crystallization is used at some stage in nearly all process industries as a method of production, purification or recovery of solid materials. In recent years, a number of new applications have also come to rely on crystallization processes such as the crystallization of nano and amorphous materials.

Section 1 Chiral crystallization
1 Separation of the Mixtures of Chiral Compounds by Crystallization
2 Crystallization on Self Assembled Monolayers
3 Asymmetric Reaction Using Molecular Chirality Controlled by Spontaneous Crystallization
Section 2 Crystallization of amorphous and glassy materials
4 Preparation of Na+ Superionic Conductors by Crystallization of Glass
5 Crystallization Kinetics of Metallic Glasses
6 Crystallization Kinetics of Amorphous Materials
7 Thermodynamics of Enthalpy Relaxation and Hole Formation of Polymer Glasses
8 Crystallization Behavior and Control of Amorphous Alloys
Section 3 Crystallization of nanomaterials
9 Influence of Crystallization on the Properties of Sn02 Thin Films
10 Crystallization of Sub-Micrometer Sized ZSM-5 Zeolites in SDA-Free Systems
11 The Growth of Chalcedony (Nanocrystalline Silica) in Electric Organs from Living Marine Fish
12 Synthesis and Characterization of Crystalline Zirconium Titanate Obtained by Sol-Gel
13 Characterization of Sol-Gel-Derived and Crystallized ??2, Zr02, Zr02-Y203 Thin Films on Si(001) Wafers with High Dielectric Constant
14 Crystalization in Spinel Ferrite Nanoparticles
Section 4 Bulk Crystallization from Aqueous Solutions
15 Separation of Uranyl Nitrate Hexahydrate Crystal from Dissolver Solution of Irradiated Fast Neutron Reactor Fuel
16 Stable and Metastable Phase Equilibria in the Salt-Water Systems
17 'Salt Weathering' Distress on Concrete by Sulfates?
18 Crystallization, Alternation and Recrystallization of Sulphates
Section 5 General issues in crystallization
19 Synthetic Methods for Perovskite Materials – Structure and Morphology
20 Phase Behavior and Crystal Structure of Binary Polycyclic Aromatic Compound Mixtures
21 Structure of Pure Aluminum After Endogenous and Exogenous Inoculation
22 Phosphoramidates: Molecular Packing and Hydrogen Bond Strength in Compounds Having a P(0)(N)n(0)3-n (n = 1, 2, 3) Skeleton
23 Synthesis and X-Ray Crystal Structure of a-Keggin-Type Aluminum-Substituted Polyoxotungstate
24 The Diffusion Model of Grown-ln Microdefects Formation During Crystallization of Dislocation-Free Silicon Single Crystals
25 Preparation of Carvedilol Spherical Crystals Having Solid Dispersion Structure by the Emulsion Solvent Diffusion Method and Evaluation of Its in vitro Characteristics
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Particle and Nuclear Physics at J-PARC

FREEDownload : Particle and Nuclear Physics at J-PARC

Particle and Nuclear Physics at J-PARC
English | Physics | 27. August 2009 | ISBN-10: 3642009603 | 266 pages | pdf | 8 mb
An accelerator complex which gives extremely high-intensity proton beams is being constructed in Tokai, Japan.

Particle and Nuclear Physics at J-PARC
The project is operated by JAEA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) and KEK (High Energy Accelerator Research Or- nization) and called J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex). J-PARC accelerator complex consists of 200MeV linac, 3GeV rapid cycling synchrotron, and 30GeV main synchrotron. The energy of linac will be – tendedto400MeVandtheenergyofthemainringwillbeincreasedto50GeV in the near future. J-PARC aims to perform various researches of life and material sciences by using neutron beams from the 3GeV rapid cycling synchrotron. J-PARC also aims to perform various particle and nuclear physics experiments by using the 50GeV main synchrotron. In this book we collected several proposals of particle and nuclear physics experiments to be performed by using 50GeV main synchrotron. Prof. Nagamiya gives a brief introduction of J-PARC. He describes the purpose of the project, the aims of the various facilities, and the researches to be done by using these facilities. Prof. Ichikawa discusses about the long baseline nutrino oscillation expe- ment. This proposal is called T2K (Tokai to Kamioka) and it aims to measure mixinganglesintheleptonsector.Theytrytoperformaprecisemeasurement of ? by measuring the ? disappearance. Then they go to determine ? by 23 ? 13 measuring ? -? appearance signal. They also search for sterile components ? e by measuring NC events. Prof. Lim discusses about the experiment which searches a very rare decay 0 0 oftheneutralkaon:K ? ? ?? ¯.ThisdecayoccursviaadirectCPviolation. L Hewillsearchthisdecaymodewithhighersensitivitythanthestandardmodel expectation level.
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Physics of Neutron Star Interiors

FREEDownload : Physics of Neutron Star Interiors

Physics of Neutron Star Interiors
English | Astrophysics | 20. November 2001 | ISBN-10: 3540423400 | 516 pages | Djvu | 3 mb
Neutron stars are the densest observable bodies in our universe.

Physics of Neutron Star Interiors
Born during the gravitational collapse of luminous stars – a birth heralded by spectacular supernova explosions – they open a window on a world where the state of the matter and the strengths of the fields are anything but ordinary. This book is a collection of pedagogical lectures on the theory of neutron stars, and especially their interiors, at the forefront of current research. It addresses graduate students and researchers alike, and should be particularly suitable as a text bridging the gap between standard textbook material and the research literature.
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Physics of Relativistic Objects in Compact Binaries by Monica Colpi

FREEDownload : Physics of Relativistic Objects in Compact Binaries by Monica Colpi

Physics of Relativistic Objects in Compact Binaries: from Birth to Coalescence (Astrophysics and Space Science Library) by Monica Colpi
English | May 11, 2009 | ISBN: 1402092636 | 391 Pages | PDF | 12 MB
This book provides a comprehensive, authoritative and timely review of the astrophysical approach to the investigation of gravity theories. Particular attention is paid to strong-field tests of general relativity and alternative theories of gravity, performed using collapsed objects (neutron stars, black holes and white dwarfs) in relativistic binaries as laboratories.

Physics of Relativistic Objects in Compact Binaries by Monica Colpi
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Neutron and X-ray Optics

Jay Theodore Cremer Jr., "Neutron and X-ray Optics"
2013 | ISBN-10: 0124071643 | 1100 pages | PDF | 12 MB
Covering a wide range of topics related to neutron and x-ray optics, this book explores the aspects of neutron and x-ray optics and their associated background and applications in a manner accessible to both lower-level students while retaining the detail necessary to advanced students and researchers. It is a self-contained book with detailed mathematical derivations, background, and physical concepts presented in a linear fashion. A wide variety of sources were consulted and condensed to provide detailed derivations and coverage of the topics of neutron and x-ray optics as well as the background material needed to understand the physical and mathematical reasoning directly related or indirectly related to the theory and practice of neutron and x-ray optics. The book is written in a clear and detailed manner, making it easy to follow for a range of readers from undergraduate and graduate science, engineering, and medicine. It will prove beneficial as a standalone reference or as a complement to textbooks. Supplies a historical context of covered topics; detailed presentation makes information easy to understand for researchers within or outside the field; and incorporates reviews of all relevant literature in one convenient resource.

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