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When Anger Hurts: Quieting the Storm Within, 2nd Edition

FREEDownload : When Anger Hurts: Quieting the Storm Within, 2nd Edition

When Anger Hurts: Quieting the Storm Within, 2nd Edition by Matthew McKay PhD, Peter D. Rogers, Judith McKay
2003 | ISBN: 1572243449 | English | 320 pages | EPUB | 0.4 MB

When Anger Hurts: Quieting the Storm Within, 2nd Edition
A major revision of the best-selling classic — a quarter of a million copies sold.

This new edition of When Anger Hurts is a complete, step-by-step guide to changing habitual anger-generating thoughts while developing healthier, more effective ways of meeting your needs. It includes new chapters on emergency anger control, the interpersonal and physiological costs of anger, road rage, and parental anger.

Discover how to create your own personal intervention strategy for controlling angry impulses
Recognize anger-triggering thoughts and learn ways to challenge them
Learn how to control anger-generating stress
Recognize the early warning signals of anger and find out how to cool down before things get really hot
When you work through the exercises and lessons in this book, you will immediately see positive change in every aspect of your life.


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Understanding Immunology, 3rd Edition

FREEDownload : Understanding Immunology, 3rd Edition

Understanding Immunology, 3rd Edition (Cell and Molecular Biology in Action) by Peter Wood
English | 2011 | ISBN: 0273730681 | 392 pages | PDF | 21,4 MB

Understanding Immunology, 3rd Edition
Understanding Immunology is a well-established introduction to this complex subject for readers with no previous exposure. It is aimed primarily at undergraduates in biological sciences, biomedical sciences and medicine. The selection and order of topic coverage is designed to instruct effectively, and a variety of boxed examples add depth and historical context for those readers wanting to go beyond the essentials. The first part of the book (Chapters 1 to 11) takes students through the pathogenesis of infectious diseases and describes the molecules, cells and tissues of the immune system that provide protection against a wide variety of pathogens. It also describes how mankind has utilised the immune system, from the development of vaccines to the production of reagents for use in the clinic and laboratory. The final four chapters describe how the immune system operates in disease situations such as allergy, autoimmunity and transplantation. This third edition is revised to cover the latest experimental and clinical changes in the subject, particularly those in the development of lymphocytes; the different types of CD4 helper T cells; the use of antibodies, including monoclonal antibodies, as experimental and clinical tools; and immunological tolerance. Dr. Peter Wood is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Manchester. He has over 20 years of teaching experience, both in the UK and in the USA, and is widely published in the literature. His current research interest is the role of cytokines in the development of diabetes.
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The History of Problem Gambling: Temperance, Substance Abuse, Medicine, and Metaphors

FREEDownload : The History of Problem Gambling: Temperance, Substance Abuse, Medicine, and Metaphors

The History of Problem Gambling: Temperance, Substance Abuse, Medicine, and Metaphors by Peter Ferentzy and Nigel E. Turner
English | 2013-03-28 | ISBN: 1461466989 | PDF | 200 pages | 4,8 MB

The History of Problem Gambling: Temperance, Substance Abuse, Medicine, and Metaphors
This book documents the history of ideas about problem gambling and its link to addictive disorders. The book uses a combination of literature review and conceptual and linguistic analysis to explore the way ideas about problem gambling gave changed over time. It examines the religious, socio-cultural, and medical influences on the development of the concept of problem gambling as a disease, along with the ways in which such ideas were influenced by attitudes about substance abuse. The history of mental illness, notably as it pertains to themes such as loss of control over behavior, is also addressed. The book ends with a discussion of the current status and future prospects, with an eye to which ideas about problem gambling and addictions seem most promising and which should perhaps be left behind.
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Making War Forging Revolution: Russia’s Continuum of Crisis 1914-1921

FREEDownload : Making War Forging Revolution: Russia’s Continuum of Crisis 1914-1921

Peter Holquist, "Making War Forging Revolution: Russia's Continuum of Crisis 1914-1921"
2003 | ISBN-10: 067400907X | 352 pages | Djvu | 6 MB

Making War Forging Revolution: Russia’s Continuum of Crisis 1914-1921
Offering a fundamental reinterpretation of the emergence of the Soviet state, Peter Holquist situates the Bolshevik Revolution within the continuum of mobilization and violence that began with World War I and extended through Russia's civil war. In so doing, Holquist provides a new genealogy for Bolshevik political practices, one that places them clearly among Russian and European wartime measures. From this perspective, the Russian Revolution was no radical rupture with the past, but rather the fulcrum point in a continent-wide era of crisis and violence that began in 1914. While Tsarist and Revolutionary governments implemented policies for total mobilization common to other warring powers, they did so in a supercharged and concentrated form. Holquist highlights how the distinctive contours of Russian political life set its experience in these years apart from other wartime societies. In pursuit of revolution, statesmen carried over crisis-created measures into political life and then incorporated them into the postwar political structure. Focusing on three particular policies – state management of food; the employment of official violence for political ends; and state surveillance -Holquist demonstrates the interplay of state policy and local implementation, and its impact on the lives of ordinary citizens. "Making War, Forging Revolution" casts a new light on Russia's revolution and boldy inserts it into the larger story of the Great War and 20th-century European history.
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Description 2.0 #1

FREEDownload : Description 2.0 #1

Description 2.0 #1
Ferran Delgado, 2013 | Spanish | CBR | 102 pages | 50.7 MB
Description 2.0 es una revista única en el mercado que explora momentos clave de la historia de Marvel de forma exhaustiva. La revista arranca con la investigación más completa que jamás se haya hecho del primer gran evento de Marvel, la saga de Fénix Oscura. Cuenta con la colaboración del gran experto Peter Sanderson (Marvel Universe, Marvel Saga), que ha escrito una nueva introducción a su excepcional reportaje publicado en 1980 sobre la conclusión de la saga, y ha analizado los cambios de última hora realizados en el texto de X-Men nº 137 de forma minuciosa.

Description 2.0 #1
Además, Eliot R Brown aporta fotos inéditas de los protagonistas en los 80 reproducidas directamente del negativo, junto a jugosos comentarios basados en sus experiencias en el Bullpen. Por si fuera poco, la revista también cuenta con una entrevista con Jim Shooter de 1981, en la que aborda la marcha de Byrne de la serie y profundiza sobre la muerte de Fénix; y otra de Chris Claremont de 1984, en la que reflexiona sobre la muerte y la violencia. Todo aderezado con imágenes espectaculares a toda página de portadas míticas proporcionadas por coleccionistas.
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Inteliquest World’s 100 Greatest People

FREEDownload : Inteliquest World’s 100 Greatest People

Inteliquest World's 100 Greatest People
English | MP3 | Audiobook Collection | All in One | 2.82 GB

Inteliquest World’s 100 Greatest People

WGP 001 Socrates.mp3
WGP 002 Plato.mp3
WGP 003 Aristotle.mp3
WGP 004 Francis Bacon.mp3
WGP 005 Rene Descartes.mp3
WGP 006 John Locke.mp3
WGP 007 Voltaire.mp3
WGP 008 Jean Jacques Rousseau.mp3
WGP 009 Adam Smith.mp3
WGP 010 Immanuel Kant.mp3
WGP 011 Karl Marx.mp3
WGP 012 Friedrich Nietzsche.mp3
WGP 013 Marco Polo.mp3
WGP 014 Christopher Columbus.mp3
WGP 015 Vasco Da Gama.mp3
WGP 016 Ferdninand Magellan.mp3
WGP 017 James Cook.mp3
WGP 018 Roald Amundsen.mp3
WGP 019 Archimedes.mp3
WGP 020 Johann Gutenberg.mp3
WGP 021 Eli Whitney.mp3
WGP 022 Thomas Edison.mp3
WGP 023 Alexander Graham Bell.mp3
WGP 024 Henry Ford.mp3
WGP 025 Orville and Wilbur Wright.mp3
WGP 026 Guglielmo Marconi.mp3
WGP 027 Galen.mp3
WGP 028 Nicolaus Copernicus.mp3
WGP 029 Galileo.mp3
WGP 030 Isaac Newton.mp3
WGP 031Charles Darwin.mp3
WGP 032 Louis Pasteur.mp3
WGP 033 Gregor Mendel.mp3
WGP 034 Joseph Lister.mp3
WGP 035 Sigmund Freud.mp3
WGP 036 Marie Curie.mp3
WGP 037 Albert Einstein.mp3
WGP 038 Alexander Fleming.mp3
WGP 039 Jonas Salk.mp3
WGP 040 Sophocles.mp3
WGP 041 Virgil.mp3
WGP 042 Dante Alighieri.mp3
WGP 043 Geoffrey Chaucer.mp3
WGP 044 William Shakespeare.mp3
WGP 045 John Milton.mp3
WGP 046 Charles Dickens.mp3
WGP 047 George Eliot.mp3
WGP 048 Leo Tolstoy.mp3
WGP 049 Emily Dickinson.mp3
WGP 050 Mark Twain.mp3
WGP 051 Leonardo Da Vinci.mp3
WGP 052 Raphael.mp3
WGP 053 Michelangelo.mp3
WGP 054 Rembrandt.mp3
WGP 055 Claude Monet.mp3
WGP 056 Vincent Van Gogh.mp3
WGP 057 Pablo Picasso.mp3
WGP 058 Johann Sebastian Bach.mp3
WGP 059 George Frideric Handel.mp3
WGP 060 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.mp3
WGP 061 Ludwig Van Beethoven.mp3
WGP 062 Frederic Chopin.mp3
WGP 063 Richard Wagner.mp3
WGP 064 Johannes Brahms.mp3
WGP 065 Peter Tchaikovsky.mp3
WGP 066 Claude Debussy.mp3
WGP 067 Abraham.mp3
WGP 068 Moses.mp3
WGP 069 Lao-Tzu.mp3
WGP 070 Buddah.mp3
WGP 071 Confucius.mp3
WGP 072 Jesus Christ.mp3
WGP 073 The Apostle Paul.mp3
WGP 074 Saint Augustine.mp3
WGP 075 Muhammad.mp3
WGP 076 Thomas Aquinas.mp3
WGP 077 Martin Luther.mp3
WGP 078 John Calvin.mp3
WGP 079 Joseph Smith.mp3
WGP 080 Constantine the Great.mp3
WGP 081 Charlemagne.mp3
WGP 082 Queen Elizabeth I.mp3
WGP 083 Oliver Cromwell.mp3
WGP 084 Benjamin Franklin.mp3
WGP 085 Catherine the Great.mp3
WGP 086 George Washington.mp3
WGP 087 Thomas Jefferson.mp3
WGP 088 Abraham Lincoln.mp3
WGP 089 Susan B Anthony.mp3
WGP 090 Mahatma Ghandi.mp3
WGP 091 Winston Churchill.mp3
WGP 092 Franklin D Roosevelt.mp3
WGP 093 Martin Luther King.mp3
WGP 094 Alexander the Great.mp3
WGP 095 Julius Ceasar.mp3
WGP 096 William the Conquerer.mp3
WGP 097 Genghis Khan.mp3
WGP 098 Napolean Bonapart.mp3
WGP 099 Robert E Lee.mp3
WGP 100 Dwight D Eisenhower.mp3

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