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Fisheries Management: A manual for still-water coarse fisheries by Ian Wellby

FREEDownload : Fisheries Management: A manual for still-water coarse fisheries by Ian Wellby

Fisheries Management: A manual for still-water coarse fisheries by Ian Wellby
English | May 10, 2010 | ISBN: 1405133325 | 416 Pages | PDF | 139 MB

Fisheries Management: A manual for still-water coarse fisheries by Ian Wellby
Fisheries Management is a beautifully-produced full colour guide to the management of still-water coarse fisheries. Carefully compiled by three leading specialists, who each draw on many years' experience, this book is an essential purchase for all still water coarse fisheries managers. The correct management of still waters and their fisheries is vital to ensure environmental protection and an appropriate level of stocking densities of healthy fish. This new book provides the reader with the necessary information to achieve these goals.
The book's first part covers the ecology of still waters and includes succinct and user-friendly information on physical and chemical processes, nutrient cycles, energy movements, trophic levels, bacteria, plants, invertebrates, fish, disease-causing organisms, mammals and birds.

Part two provides in depth, but easily assimilated cutting edge information, on how a still-water fishery should be set up, developed and successfully managed. Coverage includes development, preparation and construction; stock assessment and invertebrate survey; control of water quality, aquatic plants, erosion, predators and nuisance species; management of the impact of climate change; fish disease and biosecurity; control of fishing activities, fish nutrition, fishery enhancement and condition improvement, and general administration.

The final part of this excellent manual covers legal and social frameworks including general and environmental legislation, direct fisheries-related legislation, and agencies and organizations.

Fisheries Management provides fishery managers with an invaluable, practical tool which none should be without. Students studying fisheries biology, fisheries management and aquatic sciences will find this a very useful learning resource, as will all those who are considering buying or building and setting up lakes for fisheries. All libraries in universities, research establishments and government agencies where fisheries and biological sciences are studied and taught should have copies of this landmark publication on their shelves.

– Editor and authors with many years' practical experience
– Vital and commercially important information for fisheries managers
– A useful reference source for upper level students and academics
– Covers an important multi-million pound industry across many countries
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Fur Seals and Sea Lions

FREEDownload : Fur Seals and Sea Lions

Roger Kirkwood, Simon Goldsworthy, "Fur Seals and Sea Lions"
2013 | ISBN-10: 0643096922 | 160 pages | PDF | 21 MB

Fur Seals and Sea Lions
Fur seals and sea lions are charismatic, large carnivores that engage us with both their skill and playful antics. Although all species in Australian waters were harvested to near extinction 200 years ago, fur seals are recovering and are now common in near-shore waters across southern Australia. Sea lions, however, are endangered. Their populations appear not to have recovered like fur seals and are declining at some locations. Fur seals and sea lions are important top level predators and play an important role in Australia's temperate marine ecosystems. Key threats they currently face relate to human activities, particularly interactions with fisheries. This book outlines the comparative evolutionary ecology, biology, life-history, behaviour, conservation status, threats, history of human interactions and latest research on the three species of otariids that live in the waters of southern Australia: the Australian fur seal, New Zealand fur seal and Australian sea lion. It also includes brief descriptions of Antarctic and Subantarctic seals that occupy the Antarctic pack-ice and remote Australian territories of Macquarie Island and Heard Island.

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Listening: Attitudes, Principles, and Skills, 5 edition

Judi Brownell, "Listening: Attitudes, Principles, and Skills, 5 edition"
English | ISBN: 0205079261 | 2012 | 384 pages | PDF | 3 MB
Updated in the 5th edition, Brownwell’s, Listening: Attitudes, Principles, and Skills takes an experiential approach to listening instruction, providing extensive applications and cases within the context of a sound theoretical framework. Students develop an understanding of the listening process and gain powerful listening skills within the unifying theoretical framework of the HURIER model. The fifth edition continues to explore the impact of culture, technology, and globalization, and raises timely ethical questions to promote readers’ consideration of the responsibilities associated with listening in today’s complex world.

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