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High Scoring Baseball

FREEDownload : High Scoring Baseball

High Scoring Baseball by Todd Guilliams
English | 2012 | ISBN: 1450416195 | 240 pages | PDF | 12,7 MB
What is the definition of a high-scoring offense? How do you measure a player's offensive productivity? How do you keep your team on track throughout the course of a long season?

High Scoring Baseball
High-Scoring Baseball is the definitive guide for establishing an aggressive, opportunistic, and disciplined offense. Inside you'll find detailed coverage of the four offensive team goals and the six ways to create offensive pressure that gives every team a chance to be high scorers.

Then go inside the numbers for an in-depth analysis of run production. Discover the most common predictors for achieving a big inning, the importance of getting the lead-off hitter on, and the importance of collecting free bases. You'll identify the most effective strategies based on specific game situations as well as the proper mental approach and physical adjustments to execute in those situations.

Offense is more than a player's batting average or a team's ability to hit the long ball. It's all about run production. It's a player's ability to achieve a high-quality at-bat and a team's ability to create a big inning. High-Scoring Baseball will change the way you see and play the game.
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An African Centered Response to Ruby Payne’s Poverty Theory

FREEDownload : An African Centered Response to Ruby Payne’s Poverty Theory

An African Centered Response to Ruby Payne's Poverty Theory
Publisher: African American Images | ISBN: 1934155004 | 2007 | PDF | 180 pages | 3.5 MB

An African Centered Response to Ruby Payne’s Poverty Theory
This challenge to influential educator Ruby Payne's theories about the impact of class differences and economics on teaching and learning puts forward other factors as better predictors of student performance. Pointing to success stories in schools that serve low-income students, this refutation of Payne's popular teacher-training program asserts that teacher expectations, time on task, and the principal's leadership are the main factors in determining educational outcomes at a school.
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“Parenting in South American and African Contexts” ed. by Maria Lucia Seidl-de-Moura

"Parenting in South American and African Contexts" ed. by Maria Lucia Seidl-de-Moura
InTAvE | 2013 | ISBN: 9535112120 9789535112129 | 179 pages | PDF | 6 MB
This book addresses parenting and child care in two South American countries (Brazil and Colombia) and four African ones (Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia and Nigeria). It aims at contributing to the knowledge about human development in contexts of the majority world, not often considered in the psychological literature.

The data and discussions include mothers, fathers and grandmothers beliefs and/or practices, parental styles and intervention programs oriented to quality parental care.

1 Brazilian Mothers’ Cultural Models: Socialization for Autonomy and Relatedness
2 Child-Rearing Practices of Brazilian Mothers and Fathers: Predictors and Impact on Child Development
3 Paternity in the Brazilian Context
4 Parenting and Culture – Evidence from Some African Communities
5 Cultural Variations in Parenting Styles in the Majority World Evidences from Nigeria and Cameroon
6 Parenting in Amazonian Riverside Context
7 Socialization Goals of Mothers and Grandmothers of Children in Institutional Shelter Situation in the North of Brazil
8 Emotion, Affection and Maternal Speech in Parental Care
9 Interventions for Enhancing Parenting Quality in Early Infancy
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