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Andrija Puharich – Tesla, Water Car, Aliens ,Psychedelics, ELF, Telepathy [16 mp4, 7 mp3, 23 pdf]

FREEDownload : Andrija Puharich – Tesla, Water Car, Aliens ,Psychedelics, ELF, Telepathy [16 mp4, 7 mp3, 23 pdf]

Andrija Puharich – Tesla, Water Car, Aliens ,Psychedelics, ELF, Telepathy [16 mp4, 7 mp3, 23 pdf]
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Andrija Puharich – Tesla, Water Car, Aliens, Psychedelics, ELF, Telepathy multimedia

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Andrija Puharich – Tesla, Water Car, Aliens ,Psychedelics, ELF, Telepathy [16 mp4, 7 mp3, 23 pdf]
Andrija Puharich – (born Karel Puharic, February 19, 1918 – January 3, 1995) was a medical and parapsychological researcher, medical inventor and author, known as the person who brought Israeli Uri Geller and Dutch-born Peter Hurkos (1911-1988) to the United States for scientific investigation. Born in Chicago, Illinois, he was the son of poor Croatian immigrants. His father had entered the U. S. in 1912 as a stowaway. At home Karel's parents always called him "Andrija," which apparently wasn't his name at birth but just his parents' nickname for him. When Karel, as a young boy, started attending school, his parents enrolled him under the name "Henry Karl Puharich," feeling he would be more easily accepted with that name than with the foreign-sounding name "Karel Puharic."[1] Thereafter he often signed his name as "Henry Karl Puharich." He didn't start using his nickname "Andrija" as his first name until sometime in the later part of his life. In 1947, Puharich graduated from the Northwestern University School of Medicine. His residency was completed at Permanente Hospital in California, where he specialized in Internal Medicine. Puharich was a U.S. Army officer in the early 1950s. During that time, he was in and out of Edgewood Arsenal Research Laboratories and Fort Detrick, meeting with various high-ranking officers and officials, primarily from the Pentagon, CIA, and Naval Intelligence.[2] The Edgewood Arsenal is currently officially called the Edgewood Area of Aberdeen Proving Ground.

Of his many books, Puharich wrote a supportive biography of Uri Geller, a paranormal case he investigated with the help of Itzhak Bentov, among others. Before that he investigated favorably the Brazilian psychic surgeon Ze Arigo. Puharich also investigated Mexican psychic surgeon Pachita. One of his books is The Sacred Mushroom: Key to the Door of Eternity, describes his work with psychics. In 1960, Puharich investigated materialization seances at Camp Chesterfield and discovered the use of cheesecloth being used to fake ectoplasm.[3] Two of the most famous of Puharich's over 50 patents were devices that assist hearing – the "Means For Aiding Hearing" U.S. Patent 2,995,633 and "Method And Apparatus For Improving Neural Performance In Human Subjects By Electrotherapy" U.S. Patent 3,563,246". He was also granted a U.S. Patent 4,394,230 in 1983 for a "Method and Apparatus for Splitting Water Molecules." His research included studying the influence of extremely low frequency ELF electromagnetic wave emissions on the mind, and he invented several devices allegedly blocking or converting ELF waves to prevent harm. Puharich claimed he had investigated the effects of a low frequency radiation beam that the Soviet Union had been testing. According to Puharich the beam was based on the work of Nikola Tesla and could be used as a weapon to control people. He also claimed the beam was responsible for climatic disturbances, earthquakes, Legionnaires' disease and violent riots. Puharich wrote Tesla was contacted several times by extraterrestrials.[4] Dr. Andrija Puharich played himself on Perry Mason, in the episode, "The Case of the Meddling Medium," in 1961. He conducted a series of three tests to help determine the ESP of Mason's client accused of murder. During the third test the actual murderer was exposed. While working in Mexico, Puharich married and was later divorced by the future founder and director of The American Visionary Art Museum, Rebecca Alban Hoffberger.

audio books:

Hermans – Memories of a Maverick, Andrija Puharich (1998)

This book is about the richness, the excitement, the ecstasies and the agonies of the life of Dr. Andrija Puharich. Hampered by poverty, scarred by personal tragedies, he etched his way doggedly from football star, and outstanding student through medical school, on to establish The Round Table Foundation in Maine for parapsychological research, to medical discoveries, resulting in over 75 patents. A maverick, a dedicated researcher, a rebel scientist, Andrija Puharich was both scorned by colleagues, and revered and encouraged by those gifted with foresightedness, including Aldous Huxley. His research expeditions ran the full gamut from initial experiments with Eileen Garrett and Peter Hurkos in the Faraday Cage, to filmed forays into the secrets of the sacred mushroom rites of the Chatino Indians of Mexico, to Brazil to do investigative research on the healer Pachita and Arigo, the famous "surgeon of the rusty knife", to the Kahuna priests of Hawaii, to Israel to study Uri Geller, and the long lasting investigation into the mysteries of UFO's. Andrija Puharich was never satisfied with one-dimensional observation. He participated in the secret rites, partook of the sacred mushroom, and let himself be operated on by Arigo and Pachita. He was a foremost authority on E.L.F. (extremely low frequency magnetic fields) pollution, and its effects on human organisms. As a medical doctor, physicist and inventor, he is in every "Who's Who" of noteworthy scientists. He conducted scientific research of Nobel prize quality, and published numerous scientific papers. During his final years, Dr. Puharich dedicated all his time developing countermeasures against – the genetic damage of E.L.F. signals. He developed a comprehensive theory of the state of well being based on a central frequency of near-8Hz for the homeostatic control of cell division. He was probably the first to detail the scope for further research with dolphins involving novel electromagnetic mechanisms (including scalars), since then followed by top researchers worldwide. He described, on the basis of experimental research, an advanced theory of subatomic physics. He successfully conducted reversal of tumors with superoxide anions and ozone. Being considered too far out, or too ahead of his time, he was by then largely ignored by Academia and earlier colleagues. His passing means the loss of a quiet, sincere explorer of the reaches of human possibilities.

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ebook included


1) One Step Beyond – The Sacred Mushroom (with Andrija Puharich)

2) Andrija Puharich Lecture on Water Splitting Theory

Puharich describes his (patented) method for splitting water into Hydrogen and Oxygen – Note the circuit from the secondary side of the transformer is identical to Meyers. Indicating Meyer may have used Puharich's research as a jumping off point.

3) Andrija Puharich Lecture on Parapsychology, Pyramids and Extraterrestrials

Dr. Puharich describes the beings encountered on their craft. They are, in his words, "kinda cute". Adopt yours today!

Andrija Puharich, M.D. relates his experiences with a Mexican psychic surgeon who transplanted organs. "Andrija was convinced that Pachita's "instant surgery" was completely genuine, and that no fraud of any kind was possible under his and his colleagues scientific observation and documentation.

4) Parapsychologist Dr. Andrija Puharich

Dr. Andrija Puharich talks about strange cases of paranormal people he has investigated.

5) A Day with Andrija Puharich

6) Arigo by Andrija Puharich (1970)


1) Bill Jenkins – Andrija Puharich, M. D. ELF Problem

Open Mind with Bill Jenkins an extremely rare and good precursor to Coast to Coast A.M. from the 1980's.

2) Universal Talk 2010 with Guest Phyllis V. Schlemmer

Universal Talk radio show with host Joe Marra of the website www.universaltalk.info . Originally broadcast May 1, 2010 on BlogTalklRadio (www.blogtalkradio.com). Internationally known psychic, medium, astrologer, and healer. Author of The Only Planet of Choice based on communications transceived from a group of beings known as "The Nine" culminated from over twenty years of research with her colleagues Dr. Andrija Puharich and Sir John Whitmore . Aside from her continued work with The Nine she has worked with various corporations and civic leaders and assisted law enforcement locating missing persons. Visit her website www.theonlyplanetofchoice.com/

3) For The Record #170 – Plan Nine from Berchtesgaden (1999)

FTR #170 With the end of the millennium drawing near, it is increasingly important to be aware of possible political manipulation of people's apocalyptic fears and hopes. In that context, a channeling cult called "The Nine" bears particular examination. Purporting to be the "Ennead" (the nine gods of ancient Egypt), they have links to many different individuals and institutions including: Andrija Puharich (connected to the CIA's mind control programs of the 50s and 60s), Russians associated with the Gorbachev regime in the former USSR, the Esalen Institute and numerous New Age organizations. This organization espouses a racist, ariosophist philosophy that maintains that all of the Earth's peoples are descended from The Nine (and, consequently, superior) except for the black race (who are, consequently, inferior.) With the New Age movement growing and with 42% of American college graduates believing that we have been visited by space aliens, the danger that the views of The Nine could achieve widespread acceptance and lead to genocide is not one that should be too readily cast aside. (It should be noted that there is convincing evidence that so-called UFOs are real, but do not come from outer space. Should they be deployed in conjunction with other types of secret technology, the views of The Nine could be reinforced in a very convincing way.) As noted above, Andrija Puharich, whose organization has done much to promote The Nine, was involved with the CIA mind-control programs. Those programs were initiated from a research base developed by the Nazis in World War II. The program concludes with a brief look at Savitri Devi, a post-war Nazi mystic who has achieved considerable influence in the New Age movement. (Recorded on 9/19/99.)

4) An INSCOM Beyond Excellence – Army High Performance Task Force Report Documents

A 19-page report acquired via a Freedom of Information Act request to the Department of the Army asking for any openly-acknowledged collaboration between The Monroe Institute and Army intelligence. INSCOM was the central institution in Jon Ronson's "The Men Who Stare At Goats," later made into a film of the same name, and is infamous for attempting to create "psychic super warriors."


1) Andrija Puharich – Beyond Telepathy (1973).pdf

2) Andrija Puharich – Uri (Uri Geller).pdf

3) Hermans – Memories of a Maverick, Andrija Puharich (1998).pdf

web site: www.puharich.nl


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Stanislav Grof – When The Impossible Happens – Adventures In Non-Ordinary Realities.pdf (1.36 MB)
Stanislav and Christina Grof – Beyond Death – The gates of consciousness.pdf (8.56 MB)
Stanislav_GROF_-_Cosmic_Game_-__The_Explorations_of_the_Frontiers_of_Human_Consciousness.epub (509.50 KB)
Stanislav_GROF_-_Psychology_of_the_Future_-_Lessons_from_Modern_Consciousness_Research.epub (1.87 MB)
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Stuart Ray Sarbacker – Samadhi – The Numinous and Cessative in Indo-Tibetan Yoga.pdf (663.00 KB)
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Terence Mckenna-The Archaic Revival.pdf (41.68 MB)
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The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2003, Volume 22.pdf (855.96 KB)
The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2004, Volume 23.pdf (2.95 MB)
The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2005, Volume 24.pdf (2.18 MB)
The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2006, Volume 25.pdf (2.68 MB)
The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2007, Volume 26.pdf (1.14 MB)
The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2008, Volume 27.pdf (1.19 MB)
The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2009, Volume 28(1).pdf (1.59 MB)
The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2009, Volume 28(2).pdf (1.30 MB)
The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2010, Volume 29(1).pdf (1.33 MB)
The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2010, Volume 29(2).pdf (2.03 MB)
The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2011, Volume 30.pdf (1.91 MB)
The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2012, Volume 31.pdf (1.30 MB)
The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology – Vol. 24.1 (1992).pdf (974.08 KB)
The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology – Vol. 24.2 (1992).pdf (1.15 MB)
The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology – Vol. 25.1 (1993).pdf (1.48 MB)
The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology – Vol. 25.2 (1993).pdf (1.10 MB)
The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology – Vol. 26.1 (1994).pdf (928.36 KB)
The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology – Vol. 26.2 (1994).pdf (1.02 MB)
The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology – Vol. 27.1 (1995).pdf (961.24 KB)
The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology – Vol. 27.2 (1995).pdf (1.95 MB)
The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology – Vol. 28.1 (1996).pdf (1016.94 KB)
The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology – Vol. 28.2 (1996).pdf (1000.32 KB)
The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology – Vol. 29.1 (1997).pdf (862.94 KB)
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Transpersonal Research Methods for the Social Sciences.pdf (46.44 MB)
Uncle Fester – Practical LSD Manufacture.pdf (449.15 KB)
Vanja Palmers – Meditation and Psychedelics.pdf (127.13 KB)
Victor Beasley, Christopher Hills – Your Electro-Vibratory Body.pdf (12.83 MB)
Wasson, Valentina Pavlona and R. Gordon – Mushrooms – Russia and History – Volume 1.pdf (7.19 MB)
Wasson, Valentina Pavlona and R. Gordon – Mushrooms – Russia and History – Volume 2.pdf (8.02 MB)
Weir & Perry – the work and techniques of Stanislav Grof.pdf (22.63 KB)
William Buhlman — Adventures Beyond The Body – How To Experience Out-Of-Body Travel.pdf (1.30 MB)
a dissertation on the constructive (therapeutic and religious) use of psychedelics.pdf (148.46 KB)
effects of psilocybin in obsessive-compulsive disorder – an update.pdf (90.36 KB)
jonathan ott – ayahuasca analoge.pdf (1.31 MB)
jonathan ott speaks (interview part 1).pdf (654.48 KB)
jonathan ott speaks (interview part 2).pdf (976.53 KB)
lsd blotter index – microgram_1987.pdf (4.88 MB)
psychedelics and the creation of virtual reality.pdf (191.88 KB)

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