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“Advances in Crystallization Processes” ed. by Yitzhak Mastai

FREEDownload : “Advances in Crystallization Processes” ed. by Yitzhak Mastai

"Advances in Crystallization Processes" ed. by Yitzhak Mastai
InTeOpP | 2012 | ISBN: 9535105817 9789535105817 | 659 pages | PDF | 51 MB
This book provides the latest research developments in many aspects of crystallization including: chiral crystallization, crystallization of nanomaterials and the crystallization of amorphous and glassy materials. This book is of interest to both fundamental research and also to practicing scientists and will prove invaluable to all chemical engineers and industrial chemists in the process industries as well as crystallization workers and students in industry and academia.

“Advances in Crystallization Processes” ed. by Yitzhak Mastai
Crystallization is used at some stage in nearly all process industries as a method of production, purification or recovery of solid materials. In recent years, a number of new applications have also come to rely on crystallization processes such as the crystallization of nano and amorphous materials.

Section 1 Chiral crystallization
1 Separation of the Mixtures of Chiral Compounds by Crystallization
2 Crystallization on Self Assembled Monolayers
3 Asymmetric Reaction Using Molecular Chirality Controlled by Spontaneous Crystallization
Section 2 Crystallization of amorphous and glassy materials
4 Preparation of Na+ Superionic Conductors by Crystallization of Glass
5 Crystallization Kinetics of Metallic Glasses
6 Crystallization Kinetics of Amorphous Materials
7 Thermodynamics of Enthalpy Relaxation and Hole Formation of Polymer Glasses
8 Crystallization Behavior and Control of Amorphous Alloys
Section 3 Crystallization of nanomaterials
9 Influence of Crystallization on the Properties of Sn02 Thin Films
10 Crystallization of Sub-Micrometer Sized ZSM-5 Zeolites in SDA-Free Systems
11 The Growth of Chalcedony (Nanocrystalline Silica) in Electric Organs from Living Marine Fish
12 Synthesis and Characterization of Crystalline Zirconium Titanate Obtained by Sol-Gel
13 Characterization of Sol-Gel-Derived and Crystallized ??2, Zr02, Zr02-Y203 Thin Films on Si(001) Wafers with High Dielectric Constant
14 Crystalization in Spinel Ferrite Nanoparticles
Section 4 Bulk Crystallization from Aqueous Solutions
15 Separation of Uranyl Nitrate Hexahydrate Crystal from Dissolver Solution of Irradiated Fast Neutron Reactor Fuel
16 Stable and Metastable Phase Equilibria in the Salt-Water Systems
17 'Salt Weathering' Distress on Concrete by Sulfates?
18 Crystallization, Alternation and Recrystallization of Sulphates
Section 5 General issues in crystallization
19 Synthetic Methods for Perovskite Materials – Structure and Morphology
20 Phase Behavior and Crystal Structure of Binary Polycyclic Aromatic Compound Mixtures
21 Structure of Pure Aluminum After Endogenous and Exogenous Inoculation
22 Phosphoramidates: Molecular Packing and Hydrogen Bond Strength in Compounds Having a P(0)(N)n(0)3-n (n = 1, 2, 3) Skeleton
23 Synthesis and X-Ray Crystal Structure of a-Keggin-Type Aluminum-Substituted Polyoxotungstate
24 The Diffusion Model of Grown-ln Microdefects Formation During Crystallization of Dislocation-Free Silicon Single Crystals
25 Preparation of Carvedilol Spherical Crystals Having Solid Dispersion Structure by the Emulsion Solvent Diffusion Method and Evaluation of Its in vitro Characteristics
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UNBORED Games: Serious Fun for Everyone

FREEDownload : UNBORED Games: Serious Fun for Everyone

UNBORED Games: Serious Fun for Everyone by Elizabeth Foy Larsen, Joshua Glenn
2014 | ISBN: 162040706X | English | 176 pages | EPUB | 67 MB

UNBORED Games: Serious Fun for Everyone
UNBORED Games has all the smarts, creativity, and DIY spirit of the original UNBORED ("It's a book! It's a guide! It's a way of life!" -Los Angeles Magazine), but with a laser-like focus on the activities we do for pure fun: to while away a rainy day, to test our skills and stretch our imaginations-games. There are more than seventy games here, 50 of them all new, plus many more recommendations, and they cover the full gambit, from old-fashioned favorites to today's high-tech games. The book offers a gold mine of creative, constructive fun: intricate clapping games, bike rodeo, Google Earth challenges, croquet golf, capture the flag, and the best ever apps to play with Grandma, to name only a handful. Gaming is a whole culture for kids to explore, and the book will be complete with gaming history and interviews with awesome game designers. The lessons here: all games can be self-customized, or hacked. You can even make up your own games. Some could even change the world.

The original UNBORED has taken its place as a much beloved, distinctly contemporary family brand. UNBORED Games extends the franchise — to be followed by UNBORED Adventure — in a new handy flexibound format, illustrated in full color throughout. Soon, there will be a whole shelf of serious fun the whole family can enjoy indoors, outdoors, online and offline.
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Contemporary Views on Architecture and Representations in Phonology (Current Studies in Linguistics)

FREEDownload : Contemporary Views on Architecture and Representations in Phonology (Current Studies in Linguistics)

Contemporary Views on Architecture and Representations in Phonology (Current Studies in Linguistics) by Eric Raimy
English | 2009 | ISBN: 026218270X | 428 Pages | PDF | 2 MB
The essays in this volume address foundational questions in phonology that cut across different schools of thought within the discipline.

Contemporary Views on Architecture and Representations in Phonology (Current Studies in Linguistics)
The theme of modularity runs through them all, however, and these essays demonstrate the benefits of the modular approach to phonology, either investigating interactions among distinct modules or developing specific aspects of representation within a particular module. Although the contributors take divergent views on a range of issues, they agree on the importance of representations and questions of modularity in phonology. Their essays address the status of phonological features, syllable theory, metrical structure, the architecture of the phonological component, and interaction among components of phonology. In the early 1990s the rise of Optimality Theory which suggested that pure computation would solve the problems of representations and modularity eclipsed the centrality of these issues for phonology. This book is unique in offering a coherent view of phonology that is not Optimality Theory based. The essays in this book, all by distinguished phonologists, demonstrate that computation and representation are inherently linked; they do not deny Optimality Theory, but attempt to move the field of phonology beyond it.
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Translation Generalized Quadrangles

FREEDownload : Translation Generalized Quadrangles

Translation Generalized Quadrangles (Series in Pure Mathematics) by J. A. Thas, K. Thas and H. Van Maldeghem
English | ISBN: 9812569510 | 2006 | PDF | 376 pages | 14,4 mb

Translation Generalized Quadrangles
Translation generalized quadrangles play a key role in the theory of generalized quadrangles, comparable to the role of translation planes in the theory of projective and affine planes. The notion of translation generalized quadrangle is a local analog of the more global "Moufang Condition", a topic of great interest, also due to the classification of all Moufang polygons.

Attention is thus paid to recent results in that direction, but also many of the most important results in the general theory of generalized quadrangles that appeared since 1984 are treated.
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Ice Creams, Sorbets and Gelati: The Definitive Guide

FREEDownload : Ice Creams, Sorbets and Gelati: The Definitive Guide

Ice Creams, Sorbets and Gelati: The Definitive Guide by Robin Weir
English | 2011 | ISBN: 1904943462 | 245 pages | PDF | 293 MB

Ice Creams, Sorbets and Gelati: The Definitive Guide
Twelve years after the publication of their previous book, the largest selling book on ICES that has ever been published, Caroline and Robin Weir return with the ultimate guide to Ice Cream, Gelato, and Sorbet. Since the first publication, over a decade of research and millions of calories have gone into this new book which has over 400 recipes covering ice creams, gelato, graniti, bombes, parfaits, instructions on making wafers, biscuits, punches, even ice creams for diabetics and vegans.This NEW book, with all areas expanded and updated, is for the beginner, the enthusiast, the cook, the expert, and the professional chef. All the recipes are written in the clearest terms in Metric, cup measurements, and Imperial weights and measures. All techniques are described in the simplest terms and all your questions are covered in this comprehensive book. There are new revelations, on the history of ice cream as well as the origin of the ice cream cone, plus dozens of new pictures and illustrations from the authors constantly expanding collection; there is also a section on both penny licks and some hilarious soda fountain lingo.There is also a comprehensive section on the physics and chemistry of all ices, as well as enough information to enable you to make almost anything into an ice. Should you want to go BIG on ice cream there is a section on equipment as well as a section on the chemistry and physics of ice cream and ices. If you have never tasted homemade ice cream, you are in for a revelation. If you have the previous book you are in for many inspired new flavors. These are not ice creams loaded with junk confectionery, these are pure unalloyed, straightforward ices, made from easily obtainable ingredients without additives.returncharacterreturncharacter returncharacterreturncharacter REVIEWS returncharacterreturncharacter"…filled with 400 recipes for all skill levels as well as more glorious history of ices from all over England and Europe and even America (the older book I have is also full of wonderful stories and great recipes). I recommend his books… they are indispensable when you are in the mood for the best ice cream ever. This is killer chocolate and the trick with the cocoa is genius. For it to be as good as Berthillon, it would have to be eaten in Paris (location, location, location). Absent that — this is great chocolate — one of the best I've had."Lost Past Remebered Blogspot
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Pro Python, 2nd Edition

FREEDownload : Pro Python, 2nd Edition

Pro Python, 2nd edition By Marty Alchin, J. Burton Browning
2014 | 384 Pages | ISBN: 1484203356 | EPUB + PDF | 1 MB + 5 MB
You've learned the basics of Python, but how do you take your skills to the next stage? Even if you know enough to be productive, there are a number of features that can take you to the next level in Python. Pro Python, Second Edition explores concepts and features normally left to experimentation, allowing you to be even productive and creative.
In addition to pure code concerns, Pro Python develops your programming techniques and approaches, which will help make you a better Python programmer. This book will improve not only your code but also your understanding and interaction with the many established Python communities.

Pro Python, 2nd Edition
This book takes your Python knowledge and coding skills to the next level. It shows you how to write clean, innovative code that will be respected by your peers. With this book, make your code do with introspection and meta-programming. And learn and later use the nuts and bolts of an application, tier-by-tier as a complex case study along the way.
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Immanuel Kant and Philosophy – 670 books

FREEDownload : Immanuel Kant and Philosophy – 670 books

Immanuel Kant and Philosophy – 670 books
Size: 8.818 GB Type: books

Immanuel Kant and Philosophy – 670 books

Immanuel Kant and Philosophy – 670 books

Immanuel Kant – 282 PDFs

Philosophy – 388 PDFs

The Immanuel Kant collection (5.5 GB of PDFs) developed in 2011, before I joined, as many other books have done.

The Philosophy group of 388 PDFs is from various assorted collections (partially at IPT), from 2006 to the present.

I’ve checked these, as well as possible, for quality and duplicates.

The lists:

_Immanuel Kant_ 282 PDFs

A Commentary on Kant’s Critique of Practical Reason (UCP 1960) – L.W. Beck.pdf
A Companion to Kant (Blackwell 2006) – (ed.) Graham Bird.pdf
A Kant Dictionary (Blackwell 2000) – Howard Caygill.pdf
Accessing Kant_A Relaxed Introduction to the Critique of Pure Reason (OUP 2005) – J.F. Rosenberg.pdf
Aesthetics and Subjectivity_From Kant to Nietzsche – Andrew Bowie.pdf
Agency and Autonomy in Kant’s Moral Theory_Selected Essays (OUP 2006) – Andrews Reath.pdf
Allison, Henry – Kant’s Theory of Taste.pdf
An Introduction to Kant’s Aesthetics_Core Concepts and Problems (Blackwell 2005) – C.H. Wenzel.pdf
An Introduction to Kant’s Ethics (CUP 1994) – R.J. Sullivan.pdf
An Introduction to Kant’s Moral Philosophy (CUP 2010) – Jennifer K. Uleman.pdf
Andrews Reath – Agency and Autonomy in Kant’s Moral Theory~ Oxford.pdf
Anthropologie in Pragmatischer Hinsicht (1800).pdf
Anthropology, History, and Education (CUP 2007) – (eds.) Gu?nter Zo?ller & Robert Louden.pdf
Aquinas and Kant_The Foundations of the Modern Sciences (1950) – Gavin Ardley.pdf
Arendt – Lectures on Kant’s Political Philosophy.pdf
Bacon und Kant (De Gruyter 2008) – Shi-Hyong Kim.pdf
Banham, Gary – Kant and the Ends of Aesthetics.pdf
Berger, David – Kant’s Aesthetic Theory. The Beautiful and Agreeable.pdf
Between Kant and Hegel_Lectures on German Idealism (HUP 2003) – Dieter Henrich.pdf
Between Truth and Illusion_Kant at the Crossroads of Modernity (2002) – Predrag Cicovacki.pdf
Bowie, Andrew – Aesthetics and Subjectivity. From Kant to Nietzsche.pdf
Cambridge University Press Kant on Moral Autonomy (2013).pdf
Character, Liberty, and Law_Kantian Essays in Theory and Practice (Kluwer 1998) – J.G. Murphy.pdf
Companion to Kant (Blackwell 2006) – (ed.) Graham Bird.pdf
Constructions of Reason_Explorations of Kantian Practical Philosophy – Onora O’Neill.pdf
Correspondence (CUP 1999) – Arnulf Zweig.pdf
Creating the Kingdom of Ends (CUP 1996) – Christine M. Korsgaard.pdf
Critique of Practical Reason (Hackett 2002) – Pluhar.pdf
Critique of Practical Reason (pdf of html) – Gregor.pdf
Critique of Pure Reason (CUP 1998) – (ed.) P. Guyer .pdf
Critique of Pure Reason (Hackett 1996) – Pluhar.pdf
Critique of the Power of Judgment (CUP 2002) – (ed.) P. Guyer.pdf
Dickerson – Kant on Representation and Objectivity.pdf
Die Analogie von Vernunft und Natur_Eine Umweltphilosophie nach Kant (DeGruyter 2009) – Angela Brietenbach.pdf
Dostoevsky and Kant_Dialogues on Ethics – Evgenia Cherkasova.pdf
Essays on Kant’s Anthropology (CUP 2003) – (ed.) B. Jacobs.pdf
Ethics of the Real (Verso 2000) – Alenka ZupanCic.pdf
Ethics Vindicated~ Kant’s Transcendental Legitimation of Moral Discourse – Oxford.pdf
Fallen Freedom_Kant on Radical Evil and Moral Regeneration (CUP 1990) – Gordon E. Michalson.pdf
Force and Freedom_Kant’s Legal and Political Philosophy – Arthur Ripstein.pdf
Freedom and Anthropology in Kant’s Moral Philosophy (CUP 2003) – Patrick R. Frierson.pdf
Freedom and Religion in Kant and His Immediate Successors_The Vocation of Humankind, 1774-1800 – George de Giovanni.pdf
From Kant to Davidson_Philosophy and the Idea of the Transcendental (Routledge 2002) – J. Malpas.pdf
From Morality to Virtue (1992) – Michael Slote.pdf

_Philosophy_ 388 PDFs

The Art of the Ridiculous Sublime_200.pdf
The Sublime Object of Ideology (Second Edition)_2009.pdf
A Brief History of the Paradox – Philosophy and the Labyrinths of the Mind – R. Sorensen (Oxford, 2003) WW.pdf
A Companion to African Philosophy.pdf
A Companion to Analytic Philosophy.pdf
A Companion to Philosophy in the Middle Ages.pdf
A Companion to Philosophy of Biology.pdf
A Companion to the Philosophy of Language.pdf
A Companion to the Philosophy of Science.pdf
A History of Philosophy – Vol II – Medieval Philosophy.pdf
A History of Philosophy – Vol III – Late Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy.pdf
A History of Philosophy – Vol IV – From Descartes to Leibniz.pdf
A History Of Philosophy – Wilhelm Windelban.pdf
A History of Poetics – German Scholarly Aesthetics and Poetics in International Context, 1770-1960.pdf
A History Of Political Thought From Ancient Greece To Early Christianity – Janet Coleman.pdf
A History Of Western Philosophy – Ralph McInerny.pdf
A History Of Western Philosophy The Twentieth Century To Quine and Derrida 3rd ed – Robert Fogelin.pdf
A New History of Western Philosophy – Vol IV – Philosophy in the Modern World.pdf
A Short History Of Ethics – Alasdair Macintyre.pdf
An Illustrated Brief History of Western Philosophy.pdf
Ansell-Pearson (ed) – Nietzsche and Modern German Thought.pdf
Anthology of Philosophy in Persia Vol. 3, Philosophical Theology in the Middle A




Direct Download : Immanuel Kant and Philosophy – 670 books

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Improbable Patriot: The Secret History of Monsieur de Beaumarchais

FREEDownload : Improbable Patriot: The Secret History of Monsieur de Beaumarchais

Harlow Giles Unger, "Improbable Patriot: The Secret History of Monsieur de Beaumarchais"
English | ISBN: 1584659254 | 2011 | PDF | 260 pages | 3 MB

Improbable Patriot: The Secret History of Monsieur de Beaumarchais
Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais was an eighteenth-century French inventor, famed playwright, and upstart near-aristocrat in the court of King Louis XVI. In 1776, he conceived an audacious plan to send aid to the American rebels. What's more, he convinced the king to bankroll the project, and singlehandedly carried it out. By war's end, he had supplied Washington's army with most of its weapons and powder, though he was never paid or acknowledged by the United States.

To some, he was a dashing hero–a towering intellect who saved the American Revolution. To others, he was pure rogue–a double-dealing adventurer who stopped at nothing to advance his fame and fortune. In fact, he was both, and more: an advisor to kings, an arms dealer, and author of some of the most enduring works of the stage, including The Marriage of Figaro and The Barber of Seville.
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Dondi White Style Master General: The Life of Graffiti Artist Dondi White

FREEDownload : Dondi White Style Master General: The Life of Graffiti Artist Dondi White

Andrew Witten, Michael White, "Dondi White Style Master General: The Life of Graffiti Artist Dondi White"
2001 | ISBN-10: 0060394277 | 208 pages | PDF | 30 MB

Dondi White Style Master General: The Life of Graffiti Artist Dondi White
"In the beginning, there was the Word. On the streets and in the yards, the word was the Name. And the name was everything. It was persona and place, form and content, truth and fiction. The name was an act of self-invention, a pure visual manifestation, through alter ego, alias, and nom de plume, of personal expressions in the public realm. The name was a line and the line begat the Mark. Then, in the great style wars toward the end of the second millennium, medium, meaning, and message were joined in a golden era where the name became the source and signifier of Style. And when the name became wild style, the word was Dondi."

— from the Foreword

The dominance of the graffiti aesthetic in contemporary culture is undeniable. But how did an art form spawned in the train yards of 1970s New York achieve the ubiquity it now enjoys at every level of the mass-media landscape? There are many answers to the question, but one major factor is indisputable: Dondi White.

Coming of age in hardscrabble East New York in the early 1970s, Dondi White unknowingly began the process of introducing a whole new artistic dialect into the cacophony of the American art scene. His train pieces painted from roughly 1977 to 1982 stand as some of the most influential works ever committed to Transit Authority steel. Writing with legendary partners such as DURO, NOC 167, KID 56, KEL 139, and FUZZ ONE, Dondi created some of graffiti art's most enduring iconography. His pieces just don't stop — and neither do the aliases. From the badass Mr. Whites to the cocky, self-satisfied Busses, from the nasty Pres to the perfect, vicious Rolls, Dondi straight killed it, again and again. Works like Children of the Grave Part 2 and Mr White + Bev remain benchmark pieces for graffiti aficionados the world over.

In the 1980s, partially through his collaborations with noted photographers Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper, Dondi White's work entered the rarefied world of fine art. In making the transition from subway car to canvas, Dondi retained his unfaltering sense of letter form and balance, and his paintings remain a testament to the clarity of his aesthetic. Dondi's canvases were subsequently shown in galleries from New York to Amsterdam to Tokyo and beyond, influencing a new generation of young artists and introducing an indigenous American art form to the rest of the world.

Dondi White: Style Master General presents the life and work of a seminal — yet heretofore overlooked — American artist whose work has resonated on every level of our popular culture. Filled with rare photographs, original sketches, unpublished interview materials, and testimony from some of Dondi's closest cohorts, here, finally, is the full story. At the time of his death in 1998, Dondi had seen the majority of his work destroyed — scraped off, painted over, or chemically removed from the steel upon which it thrived. Within these pages, however, it still speaks volumes.

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Beginning Node.js

FREEDownload : Beginning Node.js

Basarat Syed, "Beginning Node.js"
English | ISBN: 1484201884 | 2014 | 308 pages | EPUB | 3 MB

Beginning Node.js
is your step-by-step guide to learning all the aspects of creating maintainable Node.js applications. You will see how Node.js is focused on creating high-performing, highly-scalable websites, and how easy it is to get started. Many front-end devs regularly work with HTML, CSS, PHP, even WordPress, but haven't yet got started with Node.js. This book explains everything for you from a beginner level, enabling you to start using Node.js in your projects right away.

Using this book you will learn important Node.js concepts for server-side programming. You will begin with an easy-to-follow pure javascript primer, which you can skip if you're confident of your JS skills. You'll then delve into Node.js concepts such as streams and events, and the technology involved in building full-stack Node.js applications. You'll also learn how to test your Node.js code, and deploy your Node.js applications on the internet.

Node.js is a great and simple platform to work with. It is lightweight, easy to deploy and manage. You will see how using Node.js can be a fun and rewarding experience – start today with .
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