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Ruby Wizardry: An Introduction to Programming for Kids

FREEDownload : Ruby Wizardry: An Introduction to Programming for Kids

Eric Weinstein, "Ruby Wizardry: An Introduction to Programming for Kids"
2015 | ISBN: 1593275668 | 352 pages | EPUB | 3 MB

Ruby Wizardry: An Introduction to Programming for Kids
The Ruby programming language is perfect for beginners: easy to learn, powerful, and fun to use! But wouldn't it be fun if you were learning with the help of some wizards and dragons?
Ruby Wizardry is a playful, illustrated tale that will teach you how to program in Ruby by taking you on a fantastical journey. As you follow the adventures of young heroes Ruben and Scarlet, you'll learn real programming skills, like how to:
Use fundamental concepts like variables, symbols, arrays, and strings
Work with Ruby hashes to create a programmable breakfast menu
Control program flow with loops and conditionals to help the Royal Plumber
Test your wild and crazy ideas in IRB and save your programs as scripts
Create a class of mini-wizards, each with their own superpower!
Organize and reuse your code with methods and lists
Write your own amazing interactive stories using Ruby
Along the way, you'll meet colorful characters from around the kingdom, like the hacker Queen, the Off-White Knight, and Wherefore the minstrel. Ruby Wizardry will have you (or your little wizard) hooked on programming in no time.
For ages 10+ (and their parents!)
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Scarlet Tides by David Hair (Audiobook)

FREEDownload : Scarlet Tides by David Hair (Audiobook)

Scarlet Tides by David Hair
Brilliance Audio | English | 2014 | ASIN: B00NN8E9QC | 24 hrs and 11 mins | MP3 @ 32 Kbps | 323 MB
A scarlet tide of Rondian legions is flooding into the East, led by the Inquisition's windships flying the Sacred Heart, the bright banner of the Church's darkest sons. They are slaughtering and pillaging their way across Antiopia in the name of Emperor Constant. But the emperor's greatest treasure, the Scytale of Corineus, has slipped through his fingers and his ruthless Inquisitors must scour two continents for the artefact, the source of all magical power.

Scarlet Tides by David Hair (Audiobook)

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Scarlet Feather (Audiobook)

Scarlet Feather (Audiobook) by Barbara Caruso and Maeve Binchy
English | 2001 | ISBN: 0788798499 | ASIN: B005AJDHUQ | 18 hours and 27 minutes | MP3 128 kbps | 1 GB
Cathy Scarlet and Tom Feather have decided to create the best catering company in Dublin. They have the perfect premises, heaps of talent, and even a few contacts – but not everyone seems as pleased by the idea of 'Scarlet Feather' as they are. Tom's parents are disappointed that he has turned his back on the family business.

Cathy's husband buries himself in work, becoming ever more distant, whilst his mother thinks Cathy should stay at home to look after him. And Tom's relationship with his beautiful, ambitious girlfriend becomes fraught as she struggles to realise her dream of becoming a model. As Cathy and Tom strive to maintain their emotional ties amidst catering triumphs and disasters they are supported – and undermined – by an enchanting cast of classic Binchy characters.

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