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“Video Search and Mining” ed. by Dan Schonfeld, Caifeng Shan, Dacheng Tao, and LiangWang

FREEDownload : “Video Search and Mining” ed. by Dan Schonfeld, Caifeng Shan, Dacheng Tao, and LiangWang

"Video Search and Mining" ed. by Dan Schonfeld, Caifeng Shan, Dacheng Tao, and LiangWang
Studies in Computational Intelligence, 287
Springer | 2010 | ISBN: 3642128998 9783642129001 9783642128998 | 386 pages | PDF | 7 MB
This book provides an overview of emerging new approaches to video search and mining based on promising methods being developed in the computer vision and image analysis community. The objective of this book is to present the latest advances in video search and mining covering both theoretical approaches and practical applications.

“Video Search and Mining” ed. by Dan Schonfeld, Caifeng Shan, Dacheng Tao, and LiangWang
Video search and mining is a rapidly evolving discipline whose aim is to capture interesting patterns in video data. It has become one of the core areas in the data mining research community. In comparison to other types of data mining (e.g. text), video mining is still in its infancy.
The book provides researchers and practitioners a comprehensive understanding of the start-of-the-art in video search and mining techniques and a resource for potential applications and successful practice.
This book can also serve as an important reference tool and handbook for researchers and practitioners in video search and mining.

Object Trajectory Analysis in Video Indexing and Retrieval Applications
Trajectory Clustering for Scene Context Learning and Outlier Detection
Motion Trajectory-Based Video Retrieval, Classification, and Summarization
Three Dimensional Information Extraction and Applications to Video Analysis
Statistical Analysis on Manifolds and Its Applications to Video Analysis*
Semantic Video Content Analysis
Video Genre Inference Based on Camera Capturing Models
Visual Concept Learningfrom Weakly Labeled Web Videos
Face Recognition and Retrieval in Video
A Human-Centered Computing Framework to Enable Personalized News Video Recommendation
A Holistic, In-Compression Approach to Mininglndependent Motion Segments for Massive Surveillance Video Collections
Video Repeat Recognition and Mining by Visual Features
Mining TV Broadcasts 24/7 for Recurring Video Sequences
YouTube Scale, Large Vocabulary Video Annotation
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Energy Balance through the Tao: Exercises for Cultivating Yin Energy

FREEDownload : Energy Balance through the Tao: Exercises for Cultivating Yin Energy

Energy Balance through the Tao: Exercises for Cultivating Yin Energy by Mantak Chia
English | ISBN: 159477059X | 2005 | EPUB | 224 pages | 3,8 MB

Energy Balance through the Tao: Exercises for Cultivating Yin Energy
An introduction to the ancient Taoist exercise system of Tao Yin

• Includes 45 fully illustrated exercises that promote flexibility, strength, and balance in one’s physical, mental, and spiritual energy

• Addresses the health needs of the musculoskeletal system and the unique physical stresses of a modern urban lifestyle

In the Western world, exercise focuses mainly on physical fitness and developing muscular strength. In the East, exercise systems balance fitness practices for the body, mind, and spirit. This balance is strongly emphasized in the Taoist system of Tao Yin, one of the oldest and most diverse forms of exercise in China. Tao Yin focuses on creating balance between internal and external energies and revitalizing the body, mind, and spirit with a combination of strength, flexibility, and internal energy exercises. Its ultimate goal is for the practitioner to become pure, responsive, and full of energy, like a child.

In Energy Balance through the Tao, Master Mantak Chia introduces 45 fully illustrated Tao Yin exercises to Western readers. He explains the history behind the practice and its connections to other complementary Chinese exercise forms, such as tai chi. In this book Chia focuses on the lying and sitting positions of Tao Yin, which improve health and structural alignment and, once mastered, strengthen movements and postures in standing positions. The benefits of these remarkably simple exercises include harmonizing chi, developing strength and flexibility through tendon stretching, relaxing the abdominal muscles and the diaphragm, releasing toxins through the breath, and training the "second brain" in the lower abdomen to coordinate and direct these processes.
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Best Books of Magic Tantra Yoga

Best Books of Magic Tantra Yoga
English | PDF | Large Books Collection | 2.02 GB
Genre: Meditation, Yoga
Complete List of Books Included:

Astral Projection/Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce.pdf (3.40 MB)
Astral Projection/Astral Plane by Charles Webster Leadbeater.pdf (324.50 KB)
Astral Projection/Journeys Out Of Body by Robert A. Monroe.pdf (905.65 KB)
Astral Projection/Mastering Astral Projection by Robert Bruce.pdf (26.15 MB)
Astral Projection/Monroe-Robert-2-Far-Journeys.pdf (1.32 MB)
Astral Projection/Out Of Body Experiences by Robert Peterson.pdf (429.84 KB)
Astral Projection/Practical-Guide-to-Astral-Projection.pdf (1.08 MB)
Astral Projection/School of Out-of-Body Travel by Michael RADUGA.pdf (1.32 MB)
Astral Projection/The-Projection-of-the-Astral-Body-Occult-Classic.pdf (4.96 MB)
Astral Projection/Ultimate Yoga by Michael RADUGA.pdf (1.72 MB)
Astral Projection/Yram-Practical-Astral-Projection-1926.pdf (8.18 MB)
Magic/Aurum Solis/Astral-Projection-Plain-and-Simple.pdf (594.79 KB)
Magic/Aurum Solis/Aurum Solis.pdf (282.42 KB)
Magic/Aurum Solis/Denning-and-Phillips-Planetary-Magick.pdf (30.04 MB)
Magic/Aurum Solis/Denning-Phillips-Entrance-to-the-Magical-Qabalah.pdf (7.42 MB)
Magic/Aurum Solis/Denning-Phillips-Vol-1-Foundations-of-High-Magick.pdf (2.62 MB)
Magic/Aurum Solis/Denning-Phillips-Vol-2-The-Sword-and-the-Serpent.pdf (3.84 MB)
Magic/Aurum Solis/Denning-Phillips-Vol-3- Mysteria Magica.pdf (26.77 MB)
Magic/Aurum Solis/Practical-Guide-to-Astral-Projection.pdf (1.08 MB)
Magic/Caroll – Liber-Null.pdf (444.41 KB)
Magic/David-Neel-Alexandra – Magic-and-Mystery-in-Tibet.pdf (1.49 MB)
Magic/David-Neel-Alexandra – With-Mystics-and-Magician-in-Tibet.pdf (617.21 KB)
Magic/Dion Fortune/Dion Fortune, Ceremonial Magic Unveiled.pdf (147.66 KB)
Magic/Dion Fortune/Dion Fortune, Machinery of the Mind.pdf (246.79 KB)
Magic/Dion Fortune/Dion Fortune, Mystical Qabala.pdf (700.34 KB)
Magic/Dion Fortune/Dion Fortune, Psychic Self Defense.pdf (966.31 KB)
Magic/F. Hockley – A Complete Book of Magic Science.pdf (18.68 MB)
Magic/Francis-a-Yates-Giordano-Bruno-and-the-Hermetic-Tradition.pdf (10.23 MB)
Magic/Franz Bardon/00 Intro Material Franz Bardon.pdf (37.93 KB)
Magic/Franz Bardon/01 A Bardon Companion Book.pdf (1.04 MB)
Magic/Franz Bardon/Cipher Alphabet.pdf (44.07 KB)
Magic/Franz Bardon/Franz-Bardon The-Practice-of-Magical-Evocation-by-Franz-Bardon.pdf (4.58 MB)
Magic/Franz Bardon/Franz-Bardon-Frabato-the-Magician.pdf (6.86 MB)
Magic/Franz Bardon/Franz-Bardon-Initiation-into-Hermetics-2001-Merkur-Ed.pdf (1.70 MB)
Magic/Franz Bardon/Franz-Bardon-Introductory-material.pdf (137.50 KB)
Magic/Franz Bardon/Franz-Bardon-The-Key-to-the-True-Qabalah.pdf (934.73 KB)
Magic/Franz Bardon/IIH.pdf (552.08 KB)
Magic/Franz Bardon/The Golden Book of Wisdom.pdf (149.08 KB)
Magic/Franz Bardon/The Magic Wand – Franz Bardon.pdf (229.25 KB)
Magic/Franz Bardon/Who was Franz Bardon_.pdf (294.25 KB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Enochian-or-Rosicrucian-Chess_.pdf (100.89 KB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Enochian_Numbers_By_Israel_Reg.doc (47.00 KB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Hyatt – An Interview With Israel Regardie – His Final Thoughts and Views.pdf (21.58 MB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Israel Regardie – A Garden of Pomegranates.pdf (7.78 MB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Israel Regardie – A Practical Guide To Geomantic Divination.pdf (19.39 MB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Israel Regardie – Be Yourself – A Guide Book to The Art of Relaxation.pdf (1.85 MB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Israel Regardie – How to Make and Use Talismans.pdf (1.29 MB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Israel Regardie – The Art and Meaning of Magick.pdf (498.65 KB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Israel Regardie – The Lazy Man's Guide to Relaxation.pdf (739.17 KB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Israel Regardie – The True Art of Healing.pdf (146.91 KB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Israel Regardie – What You Should Know About The Golden Dawn.pdf (2.71 MB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Israel Regardie, Ceremonial Magic.pdf (8.60 MB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Israel Regardie, The Art & Meaning of Magic.pdf (100.09 KB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Israel Regardie, The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic.pdf (23.79 MB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Israel Regardie, The Golden Dawn.pdf (33.94 MB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Israel Regardie, The Middle Pillar.pdf (11.98 MB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Israel Regardie, The Philosopher's Stone.pdf (595.69 KB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Israel Regardie, The Tree of Life – A Study In Magic.pdf (10.38 MB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Israel Regardie, The True Art of Healing.pdf (156.44 KB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Magic_in_East_and_West.pdf (115.07 KB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/My-Rosicrucian-Adventure_by_Is.pdf (777.96 KB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/Roll_Away_The_Stone.pdf (6.77 MB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/The-One-Year-Manual_by_Israel_.pdf (4.19 MB)
Magic/Israel Regardie/The_Romance_of_Metaphysics_by_.pdf (1.49 MB)
Magic/Joseph B. Lumpkin – The Books of Enoch, A Complete Volume.pdf (14.27 MB)
Magic/Julius Evola – The Doctrine of Awakening.pdf (1.18 MB)
Magic/Julius-Evola-Hitler-and-the-Secret-Societies.pdf (280.41 KB)
Magic/Julius-Evola-The-Mystery-of-the-Grail.pdf (7.04 MB)
Magic/Lisiewski/A Kabbalistic Handbook Lisiewski.pdf (6.33 MB)
Magic/Lisiewski/Ceremonial-Magic-The-Power-of-Evocation.pdf (10.31 MB)
Magic/Lisiewski/Kabbalistic_Cycles_& the_Mastery_of_Life.pdf (12.87 MB)
Magic/Lon milo duquette – Enochian vision magick.pdf (96.59 MB)
Magic/Lon-Milo-Duquette-The-Key-to-Solomon-s-Key.pdf (1.99 MB)
Magic/Magic_That_Works__Practical_Training_for_the_Children_of_Light.pdf (2.15 MB)
Magic/Manly Hall – Secret-Teachings-of-All-Ages.pdf (15.54 MB)
Magic/Peterson/Five_Books_of_Mystery.pdf (8.11 MB)
Magic/Peterson/Grimorium Verum -Peterson.pdf (58.75 MB)
Magic/Peterson/Mitch Henson-Lemegeton.pdf (6.25 MB)
Magic/Peterson/Peterson – The Lesser Key of Solomon (digimob).pdf (12.75 MB)
Magic/Richter -The-Hermetic-Codex.pdf (15.12 MB)
Magic/Seven-Hermetic-Letters-by-Georg-Lomer.pdf (490.83 KB)
Magic/THE-EMERALD-TABLETS-OF-THOTH-by-Thoth-the-Atlantean.pdf (2.36 MB)
Magic/The-Mystic-Grimoire-of-Mighty-Spells-and-Rituals.pdf (13.81 MB)
Magic/The-Tibetan-Book-of-Living-and-Dying.pdf (2.55 MB)
Magic/Torrent downloaded from Demonoid.com.txt (47.00 B)
Tantra/Feuerstein, Georg – Tantra.pdf (1.96 MB)
Tantra/Geshe_Lharampa_Ngawang_Dhargyey_-_Kalacakra_Tantra_(300dpi).pdf (47.02 MB)
Tantra/Hugh B. Urban – Tantra Sex, Secrecy, Politics, and Power in the Study of Religion.pdf (2.40 MB)
Tantra/Jonn-Mumford-Ecstasy-Through-Tantra.pdf (4.65 MB)
Tantra/Kama_Sutra_-_The_Ancient_Indian_Handbook_of_Love_Making.pdf (1.33 MB)
Tantra/Lysebeth-Andre-Tantra-The-Cult-of-the-Feminine.pdf (13.36 MB)
Tantra/Osho_Tantra_the_Supreme_Understanding_Tantra_meditation_sadhana_enlightenment_samadhi_satori_yoga_sannyas_rajneesh.pdf (601.60 KB)
Tantra/Pala Copeland & Al Link – Soul Sex – Tantra for Two.pdf (7.73 MB)
Tantra/Sex and the Perfect Lover Tao, Tantra, and the Kama Sutra-Mantesh.pdf (12.83 MB)
Tantra/Sexual Secrets The Alchemy of Ecstasy.pdf (16.00 MB)
Tantra/Shakti-and-Shakta-by-Sir-John-Woodroffe-Arthur-Avalon.pdf (2.19 MB)
Tantra/Sir John Woodroffe (Arthur Avalon) – Introduction to Tantra-Sastra.pdf (710.62 KB)
Tantra/Sir John Woodroffe (Arthur Avalon) – Mahanirvana Tantra (Tantra of the Great Liberation).pdf (1.22 MB)
Tantra/Sir-John-Woodroffe-Principles-of-Tantra.pdf (46.64 MB)
Tantra/sri-chakra.jpg (87.81 KB)
Tantra/Tantric-Visions-of-the-Divine-Feminine-The-10-Mahavidyas.pdf (7.75 MB)
Tantra/The Multi-Orgasmic Man.pdf (1.68 MB)
Tantra/The Roots of Tantra.pdf (2.77 MB)
Tantra/The-Ten-Great-Cosmic-Powers.pdf (9.47 MB)
Tantra/Vajrayogini.pdf (55.25 MB)
Tantra/Yantras.pdf (5.74 MB)
Yoga/anatomy_of_hatha_yoga.pdf (77.09 MB)
Yoga/Arthur-Avalon-Sir-John-Woodroffe-The-Serpent-Power.pdf (30.65 MB)
Yoga/Gopi Krishna – Kundalini – The Secret Of Yoga.pdf (861.64 KB)
Yoga/Gopi Krishna – The Awakening of Kundalini.pdf (13.72 MB)
Yoga/Hatha-Yoga-Pradipika.pdf (311.77 KB)
Yoga/Iyengar_BKS_-_Illustrated_Light_on_yoga.pdf (13.19 MB)
Yoga/Iyengar_BKS_-_Light_on_life.pdf (122.76 MB)
Yoga/Iyengar_BKS_-_Light_on_Paranayama.pdf (213.25 MB)
Yoga/Iyengar_BKS_-_Light_on_the_Yoga_Sutras_of_Patanjali.pdf (249.48 MB)
Yoga/Iyengar_BKS_-_Light_on_yoga.pdf (127.53 MB)
Yoga/Jonn_Mumford_-_Kundalini_and_Chakra_Workbook.pdf (96.04 MB)
Yoga/Kundalini-Yoga by Sri Swami Sivananda.pdf (1.84 MB)
Yoga/Lama Thubten Yeshe – The Bliss of Inner Fire.pdf (25.31 MB)
Yoga/Osho – The book of secrets.pdf (6.60 MB)
Yoga/Raja Yoga by Swami Vivekananda.pdf (651.61 KB)
Yoga/Satyananda – Asana-Pranayama-Mudra-Bandha.pdf (30.25 MB)
Yoga/Satyananda – Kundalini-Tantra.pdf (3.90 MB)
Yoga/Satyananda – Taming the Kundalini.PDF (101.53 MB)
Yoga/Satyananda.-.A.Systematic.Course.in.the.Ancient.Techniques.of.Yoga.and.Kriya.pdf (13.40 MB)
Yoga/Swami_Svatmarama_-_HathaYogaPradipika.pdf (311.77 KB)
Yoga/the Science of Pranayama by Sri Swami Sivananda.pdf (766.16 KB)
Yoga/Yoga of the inner world.pdf (1.16 MB)
Yoga/Yoga.the.Iyengar.Way.pdf (78.44 MB)

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