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Duke Ellington for Jazz Guitar by Duke Ellington

FREEDownload : Duke Ellington for Jazz Guitar by Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington for Jazz Guitar by Duke Ellington
English | June 1, 2000 | ISBN: 0634006533 | 48 Pages | PDF | 20,3 MB

Duke Ellington for Jazz Guitar by Duke Ellington
(Guitar Collection). A cool solo guitar collection of 15 Ellington classics! The arrangements are based on the orchestral recordings, which results in melodic music with single-note lines and hip chord voicings that blend seamlessly. Includes the tunes:

1. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
2. In a Sentimental Mood
3. It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)
4. Mood Indigo
5. Prelude to a Kiss
6. Satin Doll
7. Sophisticated Lady
8. Take the "A" Train
and more

Includes a bio of Duke by Dave Rubin.
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Music Theory Ebooks Collection

Music Theory Ebooks Collection
English | PDF + Audio CD Mp3 | Large Books Collection | 3.38 GB
Genre: Music related
Complete List of Books Included0878.This Is Your Brain on Music. The Science of a Human Obsession by Daniel J. Levitin.pdf (1.54 MB)
aas0117(0)-Jazz Improvisation Tips.pdf (271.17 KB)
Adler – Study of Orchestration 6 cds/Adler – Study of Orchestration 01 to 06 (6 CD) (Mp3 – MOV)
Aebersold – Vol 02 – [Nothin' But Blues].pdf (2.28 MB)
Aebersold – Vol 11 – [Herbie Hancock].pdf (1.69 MB)
Aldwell, Schachter_Harmony and Voice Leading 3rd Edtion.pdf (49.19 MB)
all blues-comping and grooves.pdf (6.24 MB)
all keys and chord scale formulas.rtf (2.08 KB)
All the things you are_Keith Jarrett.pdf (167.71 KB)
ANDY JAFFE – Jazz Harmony.pdf (26.02 MB)
arlen-harburg-jarrett – over the rainbow (from la scala).pdf (314.45 KB)
ART TATUM – Jazz Piano Solos.pdf (2.89 MB)
B.B. King – Blues Master I [book].pdf (6.33 MB)
Basin Street Blues- Keith Jarrett.pdf (98.80 KB)
beethoven analysis of sonatas.pdf (2.73 MB)
Beginning Fingerstyle Blues Guitar.pdf (14.34 MB)
Berklee Blues Progression in Songwriting.pdf (1.68 MB)
Berlioz_A treatise upon modern instrumentation (1858).pdf (18.22 MB)
BILL DOBBINS – A Creative Approach To Jazz Piano Harmony.pdf (13.82 MB)
Bill Dobbins – The Chick Corea Classics (Songs).pdf (1.65 MB)
Bill Evans – Piano Solos.pdf (1.72 MB)
Blues And Boogie Pour Piano.pdf (9.47 MB)
Blues Basic Piano Voicings.pdf (22.00 KB)
blues chords guitar.pdf (20.05 MB)
Blues Piano.pdf (10.75 MB)
Blues Riffs for Piano b ed baker.pdf (1.62 MB)
Blues Walking Basslines In F.pdf (25.13 KB)
Bob Taylor – The art of improvisation(Whole 5 Volumes).pdf (3.58 MB)
Classsical Form – William Caplin.pdf (30.00 MB)
comping piano & guitar – jazz.pdf (371.56 KB)
Composition & Jazz theory.pdf (1.64 MB)
Cope David_Techniques of the Contemporary Composer.pdf (21.51 MB)
DAVE LIEBMAN – A Chromatic approach to Jazz Harmony and Melody.pdf (16.73 MB)
David Baker – Techniques of Improvisation.pdf (1.09 MB)
David Cohen Teaches Blues Piano.pdf (18.25 MB)
Davis Richard_Complete Guide To Film Scoring (1999).pdf (14.98 MB)
Digital Recording, Mixing And Mastering Volume 1.pdf (6.38 MB)
Dobbins Bill_A Creative Approach To Jazz Piano Harmony.pdf (13.82 MB)
Dobbins Bill_Jazz Arranging And Composing.pdf (10.83 MB)
drum odd time.gif (29.16 KB)
Drum Set notation Sibelius.pdf (773.17 KB)
ED BAKER – Blues Riffs for Piano.pdf (1.62 MB)
EricssonDeliberatePracticePR93.pdf (5.31 MB)
Exercices – Hanon for jazz.pdf (81.82 KB)
Exercises For The Jazz Musician.pdf (2.27 MB)
Fake Book – Thelonious Monk Originals And Standards Piano Arranged.pdf (5.08 MB)
Fake Book – [Transcribed] – The Chick Corea Classics by Bill Dobbins (Songs and Analysis).pdf (5.52 MB)
Fake Jazz – The World's Greatest Fake Book.pdf (23.17 MB)
Feldstein Sandy_Practical Theory Complete; A Self-Instruction Music Theory Course (1982).pdf (39.14 MB)
Forsyth-ChoralOrchestration.pdf (11.97 MB)
Frank Gambale – Improvisation Made Easier.pdf (5.51 MB)
Frank Gambale – Improvising Made Easier.pdf (8.44 MB)
Gary Moore – Still got the blues-songbook.pdf (3.98 MB)
Gary Moore [Guitar SongBook] Ballads & Blues.pdf (2.61 MB)
Georges Arvanitas. 10 Jazz themes transcribed.pdf (2.15 MB)
Gerou Tom, Lusk Linda_Essential Dictionary of Music Notation.pdf (3.82 MB)
Guitar Book 1001 Blues Licks.pdf (46.37 MB)
Handbook of the Organ.pdf (15.14 MB)
Harmonia – Berklee.pdf (59.81 MB)
Herbie Hancock – Cantaloupe.pdf (166.34 KB)
HERBIE HANCOCK – Classic Jazz Composition & Piano Solos.pdf (3.73 MB)
Hindemith Paul_Elementary Training for Musicians.pdf (8.29 MB)
Hindemith Paul_The Craft of Musical Composition.pdf (40.63 MB)
Honshuku, Hiroaki – Jazz Theory 1.pdf (562.35 KB)
Honshuku, Hiroaki – Jazz Theory 2.pdf (134.36 KB)
Horwood Frederick_Elementary Counterpoint.pdf (2.95 MB)
How to Play and Improvise Jazz.pdf (6.61 MB)
How To Play Bebop 2.pdf (10.50 MB)
Improvising Jazz Piano.pdf (12.03 MB)
Improvising, Jazz Piano.pdf (12.03 MB)
Indian Classical Music & Sikh Kirtan.pdf (479.61 KB)
Indian Classical Music Forms (Carnatic) pt 2.pdf (117.61 KB)
Indian Classical Music Forms (Carnatic).pdf (102.31 KB)
Indian Music- Melas.pdf (49.23 KB)
indian notes.txt (7.05 KB)
Indian Varnam Form.txt (3.93 KB)
Jamey Aebershold_How To Play Jazz and Improvise.pdf (6.61 MB)
Jamey Aebersold – 33_playing_the_blues.pdf (98.01 KB)
Jarrett – Koeln Concert 1.pdf (1.39 MB)
Jarrett – Koeln Concert 2.pdf (999.98 KB)
jarrett_koeln-concert_4.pdf (320.88 KB)
Jazz – Bill Evans Fake Book.pdf (13.31 MB)
Jazz Arranging And Composing.pdf (10.82 MB)
Jazz Bible Fakebook – Best Of 50s.pdf (11.35 MB)
Jazz Club Piano Solos.pdf (6.00 MB)
jazz dominants functionality list.txt (131.00 B)
Jazz Fake Book.PDF (38.32 MB)
Jazz Handbook.pdf (4.02 MB)
Jazz Holiday Classics.pdf (2.82 MB)
Jazz Method Patterns.pdf (1.56 MB)
Jazz piano for the young pianist.pdf (7.30 MB)
Jazz Piano Voicings vol.41 – Body and Soul.pdf (4.34 MB)
Jazz Riffs For Piano.pdf (6.81 MB)
Jazz Techniques – Improvising & Arranging.pdf (383.04 KB)
Jerry Bergonzi – Vol 4 – Melodic Rhythms.pdf (5.57 MB)
JERRY COKER – Patterns For Jazz.pdf (5.13 MB)
Jimi Hendrix – Blues ((guitar songbook)).pdf (21.94 MB)
k.jarrett – innocence (from personal mountains).pdf (145.16 KB)
k.jarrett – koeln concert 3.pdf (1.23 MB)
Keith Jarrett – Autumn Leaves.pdf (145.16 KB)
Keith Jarrett – Country – piano solo.pdf (20.84 KB)
keith jarrett – Don't ever leave me.pdf (86.80 KB)
Keith Jarrett – In Love In Vain.pdf (73.90 KB)
Keith Jarrett – Rider.pdf (43.77 KB)
Keith Jarrett – Somewhere Over The Rainbow 2.pdf (320.10 KB)
Keith JARRETT – The Koln Concert – Piano Transcription.pdf (13.20 MB)
Keith Jarrett – The Kln Concert – Live Recording Edited.pdf (4.06 MB)
Keith Jarrett – Whisper not.pdf (373.39 KB)
Keith Jarrett Over the rainbow.pdf (146.19 KB)
Keith.Jarrett.-.The.Koln.Concert.pdf (7.23 MB)
Kennan Kent_Counterpoint, 4th ed.pdf (12.32 MB)
Keyboard Workshop – Chick Corea.pdf (2.99 MB)
Kiselev W. – 150 American Jazz Standards.pdf (71.51 MB)
Kitson C H_Counterpoint for Beginners.pdf (18.98 MB)
Kwon Songtaik_Mahler and Bach – Counterpoint and Polarities in Form.pdf (10.91 MB)
Latin Jazz Piano Technique.pdf (1.54 MB)
Latin Piano Riffs.pdf (1.55 MB)
Lenny Breau – Fingerstyle Jazz.pdf (49.53 MB)
Liebman Dave_Chromatic Approach to Jazz Harmony and Melody.pdf (16.73 MB)
Mark Levine – Jazz Theory.pdf (111.52 MB)
Mendelssohn organ works ANALYSIS.pdf (37.84 MB)
Messiaen Olivier_Technique of my Musical Language_Examples.pdf (18.68 MB)
Messiaen Olivier_Technique of my Musical Language_Text.pdf (27.01 MB)
Microphone Techniques for Music Sound Reinforcement.pdf (521.40 KB)
Miller Ron_Modal Jazz, Composition and Harmony.pdf (117.69 MB)
Modal Jazz composition & Harmony – Vol 1.pdf (22.89 MB)
Modal Jazz composition & Harmony – Vol 2.pdf (23.69 MB)
Music Sheet Piano Keith Jarrett – Basin Street Blues.pdf (98.80 KB)
Music Theory in Concept and Practice.chm (4.30 MB)
Norden Hugo_Foundation studies in Fugue.pdf (3.33 MB)
Norden Hugo_Fundamental Counterpoint.pdf (9.23 MB)
notes for schoenberg.txt (3.63 KB)
Oscar Petersons Jazz Exercises.pdf (1.11 MB)
Oxford History of Music Vl 1.pdf (32.10 MB)
Oxford History of Music Vl 2.pdf (33.50 MB)
Oxford History of Music Vl 3.pdf (38.70 MB)
Oxford History of Music Vl 4.pdf (29.41 MB)
Oxford History of M

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